13 “Goals” for 2013

(I’m not sure why we’ve all become so offended by making a few good old-fashioned “new year’s resolutions” but whatever, I can go with it)

Dr-ing goals:

  1. Become good at learning and remembering peoples’ names (Yes. I know this violates the New Year’s Resolutions goals making rules…”good” isn’t measurable…it should be quantitativeblehblehbleh…I want to become good at learning and remembering peoples’ names. Sue me.)
  2. Become comfortable making non-painfully-awkward small talk (Refer to goal #1 if you disagree with setting a goal to be “comfortable”)
  3. Read one paper a day (NOT the MN Daily)
  4. Graduate

Trotting goals:

  1. Run 5 days a week (1 mile, 5 miles, 20 miles, whatever, just get my ass outside and do something)
  2. Finish the Mt. Kilimanjaro marathon (t < 6 hrs)
  3. Half-marathon PR

Me goals:

  1. Be a non-promiscuous, healthy vegetarian again (i.e. eat loads and loads of fresh fruits and veggies, no cheating on tartar, sushi or bone marrow and cheese curds and beer are NOT an acceptable dinner — even during orals season)
  2. Drink  enough water (Refer to Dr-ing goal #1 if you don’t like the use of “enough”)
  3. Get a reasonable start on my/our children’s book series TAPP — hopefully this will make sense in a year
  4. Maximize the use of my electronics: iPad, cell phone, computer(s), mp3 players. All of them.
  5. Be at work during “normal business hours” (+/- 20%)
  6. Start and maintain a blog on the joys, frustrations, enigmas and epiphanies of science and running —  you’re welcome

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