Viking purple turning to Viking blues

After my run this morning I had less than 45 minutes to de-stink myself and head back out the door for a post-office and lunch date. Now this would normally be plenty of time  (I don’t shower particularly carefully or pay enough attention to how I dress myself) but today here were many important preparations to complete before heading back out into public.

1. Find purple sweater

2. Find purple coat

3. Find purple hat

4. Done purple sweater, coat and hat.

They are purple, I swear...

They are all purple, I swear!

4. Paint fingernails purple lilac (but hey, it looks pretty damn good if you ask me).

Oh my meaty little hand...

Oh my meaty little hand…

On a side note, thanks Adrienne for the awesome nail polish! The polish viscosity (hehe) is just right and the brush is the perfect shape. Even my schizophrenic left hand couldn’t cause too much trouble! The best part is it dries super fast, and I mean super fast. After 10 min I could zip my boots, jacket-up and pull some clothes out of the wash before dashing out the door. Now, 10 hours later, they still look great! (Sadly, this is quite the extraordinary for me.)

So, properly clad in Viking’s purple it was off to the post office to send my precious passport to the Embassy of Tanzania to get my tourist visa for my trip to Tanzania next month! Aliesha and I leave on Feb 22 and I am soooooo excited!! After that we hit up just about every item on the happy hour menu at Crave for lunch.



Some were better (the veggie sushi roll) than others (edamame and cream cheese wantons…I was sad, I had high hopes). To wrap up the afternoon we went to Promise Land for an opportunity to oogle at Matt Damon. Mission accomplished! Oh, and the movie was pretty good too.

Now, it is off to prepare for the Viking’s game! And by “prepare” I mean entertain trash-talking and over-confident wagers from my cheese-head Wisconsin residing grandmother. As of now, the terms of the bet are as follows: Vikings win: grandma owes Dr. Trot one very large bag of very fresh and very squeaky cheese curds. Dirty Sconnies Packers win: Dr. Trott owes grandma one case of Fulton beer.


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