Rest, work and find grandma’s beer day

I convinced myself this morning that I was feeling crappy enough to take a rest day and go to work instead. It’s supposed to be in the 30’s all this week so that’ll be nicer on the lungs (you know you’re in MN when…) and I should be able to get my miles in.

What are two things that can make going to work on a Sunday wonderful?

a) Reproducible data!!!

b) A beautiful Secret Santa surprise waiting for me in my mail box!


I have no idea who it is from. Alright, that’s a lie. I have two good guesses, but I have to compare handwriting samples before I’ll go public with my prime suspect. I’m serious. Anyway, the scarf is beautiful and it totally matches what I was wearing today. Don’t look too closely or it will look suspiciously similar to what I was wearing yesterday too! 😮

Now to finish up on a depressing note, the poor Vikings were issued a rather embarrassing beat down last night. As a result, I’m in search of a case of Fulton beer and a mail service that will deliver it to grandmama in Wisconsin. Any suggestions and/or coping techniques would be most welcome.

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