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XX represent!

It was a very cool sight in the lab today, something that I’d really enjoy getting used to. Rather than just cutting to the chase and throwing the pictures up here, I’ll also include a bit of background/context for those who aren’t familiar with our PhD program.

Briefly, during the first semester of graduate school, our days are filled with very very painful courses and course work. It’s really a 4 month long intellectual exercise analogous to sipping out of a fire hose. We find out which research groups we are matched with in November, just as we arrive at the brink of emotional and physical collapse. Perfect timing. We study through Thanksgiving break and finish up projects, final homework sets and exams in the first weeks of December. With that, we look back on the last 4 months, wonder what the hell happened, and get on a plane home for Christmas break before anyone can stop us.

Fast forward about a month (for me 5.5 years and 1 month) to now. The first year students, all refreshed and rested, are on their way back to start round two. Albeit a much gentler, round two. A round two that includes getting into the lab and getting a start on their PhD research project, what we all really came here for in the first place. The three graduate students that will be working with me returned to school and began in the lab this week. The same is true in many other groups. This brings me to the very cool sight in lab today. The  following pictures include the new students that will be working with me as well as the new students from a second research group:

All students in the lab (sans Dr. T)

All students in the lab (sans Dr. T)

Dr. Trot & co.

Dr. Trot & co.

Go women in science!! 🙂

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Friendly trot

Despite my nasty cold experience yesterday, I recycled exactly the same outfit for my run today. What a big difference the sun, and a fun running buddy make. I was totally comfortable (still at ~32F, but with less wind and some sun) and totally chatting Samia’s ear off the whole time. Afternoon runs with friend’s are awesome!

1/9/13 work out

3.34 miles

33 min

Nice…32F with some very welcome sunshine!

Threads: Nike Unlined Women’s Running Skirt, Nike Racer Women’s Tank TopChampion long sleeved t-shirt (with thumb holes!!), Novara Conversion Bike Jacket – Women’s (removed sleeves) and bright pink Pro Compression marathon socks

Treads: trusty Mizuno Wave Creation 11 (with far too many miles on them already)


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