Office envy

I’m pretty sure I’m the envy of all my office mates right now. No, it isn’t because of the fragrant pile of running clothes that resides under my desk. (Shocker, I know.) Rather, it’s because of all of the lovely packages that I’ve been receiving lately! The first, if you remember was a beautiful scarf from Dr. Anushree that was patiently waiting for me last weekend. The second package came later this week from my mama and was filled with knitting!! 😀

I have recently developed a bit of an obsession with knitting. My mom taught me to knit a few years ago when I was in elementary school, and as a kid, I did a pretty damn good job on the little projects that I had (if I do say so myself…and my mom will back me up…I think…) Now I really hadn’t done anything in quite a while and then for some odd reason I decided I had to knit a scarf…and then a pair of socks for myself (I’m so nice, always thinking of me first) and pairs of socks for my friends and burglar mittens for my friends (What else do you call them?! You know? What else can you call mittens with nothing over the fingers so you can pick locks and pockets find things in your purse more efficiently without totally freezing your hands off?! Note: mom may or may not have “helped” a lot with these.) and more socks for myself and headbands for Christmas gifts… Hi. My name is Dr. Trot and I have a problem. 

Being the nice daughter that I am, I brought mama a few pairs of socks home over Christmas for mending. (Really though, who would want anything else in the whole wide world for Christmas? I can’t imagine!) Anyway, I had worn right through the bottoms of my two favorite pairs and could not bring myself to accept their passing just yet. So you can imagine my excitement when a little box arrived at school on Thursday from mom! I frantically tore it open like the child mature PhD candidate that I am and was greeted by these…



Unfortunately, wearing socks as slippers (even when they are extra thick because mom knit them for herself and then dad (?) shrank them in the dryer…one of the very few benefits of having little clubs for feet…) is not good for the life of the sock. Don’t worry, I was just as shocked as you are. Thou will not usually wear my socks as slippers. Thou will not usually wear my socks as slippers. Thou will not usually wear my socks as slippers. (P.S. Mom – You’re right. When I said the heels were perfect, I had only looked at the one sock. What in the hell happened to the second one?!?! Regardless, they feel as good as new…for now…)

Birthday socks!

Birthday socks!

I got these pretty ladies for my birthday a few years ago and somehow holes made their way into the bottom of them as well. They are sooooo pretty though and thankfully they’re good as new again 🙂 …for now…



I also brought a hat back for mom to rework. It really wasn’t so different from this to start with, but for some reason my little pin-head was just not having it. It’s much better now. (I took this picture with the very best lighting possible, didn’t I? You’re welcome. Also, yes, I am aware that Theo Waigel is searching for his lost eyebrows…muahaha)

So these three things are what I had expected to find in the box. But, to my pleasant surprise, THERE WAS MORE! 🙂

Purple arm warmers!

Purple arm warmers!

I’ve been talking about my love for arm warmers for quite a while and mama got the hint! These guys have a 2 x 3 rib pattern so they stay up and end just below my elbow. They’re great (and not just because they’re purple)!

Checkered head band!

Checkered head band!

To top it all off, mom sent me a white and purple checkered head band to match the arm warmers! I love it! (P.S. For some reason, if you stare at this picture for too long my face looks subtly but creepily (just go with it) distorted. Not that I enjoy staring at myself for so long, or that my face is deformed…

Anyway, weird normal face and all, I’m totally the envy of my office mates (and anyone else so lucky to see my fancy new winter accessories)! Thanks mama!


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2 responses to “Office envy

  1. Mom

    You’re welcome. Hope I don’t have to mend socks ever again. Also, you were 4 when you made a pink knit rectangle. I think it ended up holding black walnuts.

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