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A cold but friendly trot

It was freaking freezing cold all weekend, thus it was a rest weekend. Oh well.

Then today rolled around and I seemed to have totally forgotten how the hell to dress for a winter run in MN! I guess I was just wwwaaayyy too optimistic by the “3” in the ten’s digits of the temperature reading and neglected to consider any sort of wind speed or humidity information. My run was windy and cold by the sole fault of moi.

1/15/13 work out

3.76 miles

37 min

Relaxed pace but damn cold. ~30 F with 15-20 mph wind and humidity.

Good thing I had Ian and Sami to keep me company! They let me babble away the whole time without trying to throw me into the river!

Threads: Nike Relay – Women’s Running Capris, Danskin tank top from ages ago, Chicago super cute and comfy Marathon participants t-shirt,  Novara Conversion Bike Jacket – Women’s (with sleeves…these were a life saver today) and shorty running socks! :-(No compression!! What was I thinking?!?!)

I definitely should have worn compression socks today. First, they would’ve covered my cold shin skin. Second, I think they help reduce my post-run knee pain/aching. Maybe improving the extremity circulation during the work out keeps things better temperature controlled and puts less stress on the near by joints. (But then again, maybe not.)

Treads: trusty Mizuno Wave Creation 11 (with far too many miles on them already)

Will dress appropriately tomorrow…


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Bad ass house guests and being totally wrong!

Now unfortunately my buddy has been out-of-town since Sunday and that’s big-time lame-o for me. 😦 Fortunately thought it is very good for him.

a. He is in Florida where it is 85 F every day (think 300% improvement from here)

b. This is the view from his hotel room


c. He’s trying to score a postdoc position with some totally brilliant people who will be there. Let’s keep the fingers crossed.

It also actually isn’t all bad for me. While he’s out-of-town, Pheona and I get the honor of having Penny as our house guest!

Penny & Pheona

Penny & Pheona

These two are best friends and are super fun to have around (except for having to endure their kitty MMA matches that last all night). And once in a while Princess Pheona gets out of line and Queen Penny has to put the smack down.

Queen Penny and Princess Pheona

Queen Penny and Princess Pheona

To keep myself honest, I feel like I need to add the full disclosure that I was totally wrong in Thank you Dr. Anushree… 😦 The scarf came from somewhere else and I have NO idea where the hell that might be! I’ll have to ramp up my handwriting investigation over the next few days and test out some new interrogation techniques. Bribing graduate students with food hasn’t failed me yet, I hope it doesn’t now!

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Another rough day at work…

After having Tolstoy the office dog around for stimulating scientific conversation yesterday, I was afraid today would be a total downer. However, Dr. Juan totally saved the day by being born not so many years ago today, and brought in a delicious triple chocolate cake to celebrate! It was three layers, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and then white chocolate all on top of a cookie dough crust. It was cooled and topped with chocolate chips. And then scarfed down by us! It’d be very hard for a day to be a downer after that!

Happy Birthday Juan!

Happy Birthday Juan!

Also, Tolstoy will be back tomorrow. 🙂

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