A chilly, quick trot

It was still pretty chilly and windy out today but I was not about to make the same booboo as yesterday. I was actually not looking forward to running at all today (and trust me, I was able to generate quite the list of shitty excuses very qualified justifications for why I really shouldn’t go out. But guilt is unforgiving and shoved me out the door. As usual, once I was out it really wasn’t bad at all. I was a comfortable temperature (yes!! 🙂 and felt good at (what is for me) a pretty speedy pace. Thank you guilt!

1/16/13 work out

4.23 miles

35 min

Chilly and breezy, ~30 F with 15-20 mph wind, and humid (I think) but I wore the right clothes! 🙂

Threads: Mizuno running pants (I’m not sure that I’ve properly stressed just how awesome these pants are, they’re my absolute favorite winter running pants. I feel like they can keep me toasty warm, without being stifling or too warm at a pretty broad range of cool temperatures.), Danskin tank top from ages ago, Chicago super cute and comfy Marathon participants t-shirt,  Novara Conversion Bike Jacket – Women’s (with much-needed sleeves today), arm warmers (a great dumpster-dive following the start of the Twin Cities marathon a few years ago), shorty running socks (I fared much better without the compression today. No sore knees or elbows!) and mittens (that came on and off throughout).

Treads: trusty Mizuno Wave Creation 11 (with far too many miles on them already)

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