Good enough

I have developed a new, very healthy, appreciation for this phrase. Let me provide a few quick examples that illustrate it versatility…

1. Having a skeleton draft of this RO1 by Monday is good enough considering that you gave me less than a week’s notice to put it together.

2. The progress I’ve made on my final 3 projects just has to be good enough to write something that resembles a cohesive thesis this semester.

3. Considering the above two statements, the fact that the high temperature for may of the days this week has been below 10 F and that I have 3 new coworkers to train, running only a couple times a week is good enough.

4. With my (much needed) trip to Tanzania just one month away now (YES!!), having about half of our accommodations booked is good enough.

5. Having tried and failed to a) send Grandma her grand prize through the mail and b) have it hand delivered from a local Wisconsin liquor store, bringing it with me myself next time I go visit will have to be good enough.

6. Mama, this one is not good enough. 😦



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3 responses to “Good enough

  1. Jim Bob

    To many of us out here in the hinterland, you are way above average.

  2. Mom

    O dear. Looks like the other heel has gone through. How about repurposing them into arm warmers?

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