3 things that made today awesome

1. My morning with Antonio. With any luck there will be more on this later.

2. My lunch with Ben at Bombay Bistro. He could not have possibly summed things up more accurately than he did with:

“the events of the past few days have been nothing short of staggering.”



Racey Rouge #13 - Sally Hansen
Racey Rouge #13 – Insta-Dri Sally Hansen


Thanks A!



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2 responses to “3 things that made today awesome

  1. janice

    Congrats Kat! So excited things are working out so well for you 🙂 But why did you have to go to the opposite coast?!?

    • Thanks buddy! Yeah, I know, it’s a total bummer that I’ll be clear across the country now! Although, if you ever need a place to stay in the NE, I better be at the top of your list! (Of course you can expect a houseguest when I finally make it out to CA 😉

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