Finally trotting again!

No Adrienne, I’m not on the toilet…I was out running again to celebrate today’s balmy weather!

It finally hit the double digits — 10 F to be exact (feels like 4 F, but never mind) so I figured I’d better make the most of it. I was totally scared that I’d either slip and break a hip within the first mile, or wimp out and talk myself into turning around and going home. I’m happy to say that neither of those happened! 🙂 I think I owe part of this success story to the fact that I considered today’s endeavour worthy of busting out my brand-new, never been worn yet Mizuno Wave Elixir 6. (If you’re thinking to yourself, “What? The Wave Elixir 6?!?! Isn’t the Wave Elixir 8 already out?” you are correct. I am a proud stock-piler of my favorite running shoes.) Running in brand new shoes is great (especially when you’re a genius like me and have your 2 regular pairs of running shoes a) at school and b) frozen solid in the back seat of your car).

1/26/13 work out

6.7 miles

60 min

Cold and a bit breezy. Luckily I dressed correctly because I was really pretty comfortable (relative definition of that term).


Threads: Insulated and “compression” Champion tights and long-sleeved shirt from last year, Champion tank, awesome Arc’teryx Solano jacket, and bright pink Pro Compression marathon socks, mittens and my pride-and-joy Vasaloppet ski hat

Treads: shiny new Mizuno Wave Elixir 6

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