I found them!

I went to grab my apartment keys as I charged out the door to a birthday dinner last night and found myself with absolutely no idea where I had put the damn things! Ok, I have done things like this more times than I’m ever going to admit on here a few times before. I just needed to take a step back and walk through my actions since I last know I had them.


I took the ring w/my apartment keys off of my main key chain so I could easily put them in my pocket for my run. I did get back inside my place afterward so the HAD to be in here somewhere. This is good. Now what did I do when I got home? I put the keys down on my desk, checked my phone, saw that I missed a call from Dr. Annebelle & called her back while I rolled out my legs. N.B.D.


WRONG! Unfortunately…well, fortunately in the bigger picture of life, but not so great for the current state of my dumb ass…we had a rather exciting conversation that promptly consumed all of my currently functional brain cells, leaving zero to use for key/key chain logistics (or showering in a timely matter…but never mind). As of setting that precious ring down on my desk I had no idea what else I’d done with it. Boooooo!!! My ride to dinner was waiting and I needed to go!

Lucky for me, I had anticipated this kind of booboo (and can-opener emergencies, but we can leave that for another day) and gave my friend/neighbor Samia a spare key! The problem was temporarily solved and I could move on with my night. Off to the birthday party!

To make a long story short, I crashed at a friend’s place at the end of the night. Upon getting up this morning and ready to come in to work for a bit, I fished my work wallet/keys out of my purse to make sure that my bus pass and access card were where they were supposed to be. They were, no problem.


You got it!


I have no idea why they decided to string themselves onto the wrong key chain! Seriously, they must have been feeling particularly stupid yesterday as the key chains look absolutely nothing alike. At least the little trouble makers are back and I can return the emergency key to Samia for the next such debacle.

Left: work wallet/keys with 3 idiot stowaway apartment keys. Right: the stowaways' rightful home.

Left: work wallet/keys with 3 idiot stowaway apartment keys.
Right: the stowaways’ rightful home.

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