Snow trotting

It was a balmy 30 F when I got up this  morning, a great day for a run! And then it started raining…and then snowing…and it was still a great day for a run! I haven’t really run in the snow in so long (like blaze your own through 3-4 feet inches the whole way) and I’d totally forgotten what a good workout it is! Thinking about it, of course it makes sense that high-knees + poor stability + two-steps-forward-and-slide-one-step-back = hard work. Fun hard work though.

1/27/13 work out

4.23 miles

38 min

32 F, 10 mph wind, snowing w/3-4 inches of snow already on the ground

It wasn’t an easy run, but it was fun. My muscles, heart and lungs were all working hard. Now this is obviously a very good thing, but I currently have deranged ambitious goal for tomorrow morning. I’d like to get in a 14 miler before work. I feel that about one month out from the Kili marathon I need to remind myself that my legs can indeed turn over that many times without totally giving up on me and also remind my legs that very soon they will be ordered to do just under twice that distance in all sorts of horrific unknown conditions. Tomorrow is supposed to be warm (think 30’s F), there should be no more snow falling and the streets should be plowed by 6 am. What better day to get out there and do it?


I’m sorry, aside from the beautiful hat (which was really the whole point of it anyway) this is a really useless photo.

Threads:  Mizuno running pants, Champion tank top from ages ago, Chicago super cute and comfy Marathon participants t-shirt, another long-sleeved race shirt,  Novara Conversion Bike Jacket – Women’s (with sleeves…these were a life saver today) mittens, shorty running socks and my fantastic RF (I’m so sorry that you couldn’t be out playing today, my love) hat.

I was a little worried about not wearing compression today, but I felt just fine!

Treads: trusty Mizuno Wave Creation 11 (I think this might be the beginning of the end for these guys)

Keep your fingers crossed for a successful start to tomorrow!

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