Double digits!!

I finally saw double digits again this morning!! So I got a bit later start than I wanted to for my “14 miler” this morning, but I was still out the door by 6:30. (“14 miler” = 16 miler when you can’t properly map your route.) That’s not too bad considering my track record lately! However, I wish I would’ve been on the road by 6 like I had originally planned because it was a beautiful “dark” run. The bright white snow from yesterday light up the street, snow was still piled on branches and twigs and there was this rolling fog that made everything seem a bit mystical. I’m so lucky to live in an area with nice wide roads (that are apparently a City of Minneapolis plowing priority) that are line with the most beautiful houses and weave their way around 3 precious little lakes. It was awesome to watch the sun come up along Lake Calhoun, turning the sky behind the branches first pink and then purple and then blue/grey. For the most part I could stick to the plowed roads and side walks, only venturing a few times into unshoveled/plowed paths or grass. This was good. The run was still definitely treacherous and tough, but as far as winter runs the day after a snow fall go, it was fantastic.

I brought one 4-oz handheld water bottle with me which I refilled once with water and once with white-ish snow as well as a package of 6 Clif Bloks. I was pretty good on water (I could’ve drunk more as usual, but I was ok) and I had more than enough Clif Bloks.

1/28/13 work out

16.21 miles

2 hr 43 min (this includes traffic lights, 1 stop to shovel white-ish snow into the water bottle and a couple of short walks during which I awkwardly fished my Clif Bloks out of my back pocket and stuffed them in my mouth)

The pace was nice and easy at first but got harder and harder and harder and the run went on. But, I think stayed pretty even through out, maybe slowing a bit in the middle. I usually have a pretty strong (relative definition of this word) finish when I know the end is near, and this (pleasant surprise) happened for me today too. I could definitely feel my lack of training though. By the half way point I was ready to be done and miles 7-12 or so were pretty rough. I still had enough at the end to be happy with how I finished up, but I was ready to be done.

All of that being said, had I been coming down the side of Mt. Kilimanjaro with another 10 miles to go, I think I could’ve done it. It would’ve been slow, there sure would’ve been more walking involved than there was today and Al (fair warning) would have definitely had to carry my ass on to the chicken bus in the morning. But, I could’ve finished. I hope this isn’t a totally ignorant frame of mind, but I’m afraid it is where I need to be mentally 1 month out from the “race.” I’m glad I’m still able to convince myself of a positive ending even after this morning.

Threads: Nike Tech – Women’s Running TightsChampion tank,New Balance Tempo long-sleeve shirtawesome Mountain Hardwear Women’s Super Power Hoody, bright green Pro Compression marathon socks (thanks Anna :-) , mittens, Vasaloppet stocking hat that anyone in their right mind should be jealous of, and my totally awesome new Nathan Strobe Light (Thanks Andi! This is actually the first time I’ve busted the light out and I love it! The intensity is just right and the “strobe” function is somehow able to “strobe” without me feeling like I’m about to have a seizure! And I didn’t get hit by a single car! Wins on all fronts! 🙂 

Fantastic hair is but just one of the Vasaloppet hat's many tricks.

Fantastic hair is but just one of the Vasaloppet hat’s many tricks.

Treads: trusty Mizuno Wave Creation 11 (these guys are sadly –  but definitely – on their way out)

Unfortunately (due to someone sleeping in and being too stupid to properly map her route — yeesh!) I was in a total time crunch when I finally got home. I didn’t take the time to properly warm down, or ice, or foam roll (thanks again Andi 🙂 out afterwards. :-/ I just showered as quickly as possible (you’re welcome), dosed the legs in more ben-gay than I really should be subjecting my poor office mates to (sorry Kookie :-/), donned a fresh pair of bright pink Pro Compression marathon socks and dashed out the door to work. My poor co-workers were holding down the fort for me all morning and rolling in at almost 11 is a bit much for even me. Thanks Juan, Brittany, Katie, and Maria for not killing me! Hopefully the under-trained, over-worked and under-pampered muscles will have a similar level of compassion for me tomorrow!

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