There’s good news, and there’s bad news…

The good news is that I (miraculously) recovered from my run on Monday without too much trouble on Tuesday or Wednesday and I’m as good as new (not that that’s saying a whole lot, but…) today! 🙂 I apparently have at least some fitness left from this fall!! YEAH!! Also, I think I’ve perfected my recovery regime for the sore-booty I get from runs over 7 or 8 miles. 

Step 1: Bengay

Step 2: Bengay

Step 3: Ice pack (ones that arrive with restriction enzymes from NEB work well for this) between office chair and aforementioned sore booty for the day

Step 4: Bengay

Step 5: Heating pad between couch and aforementioned sore booty for the evening

Step 6: Bengay

The bad news is that I haven’t run again since Monday. 😦 Don’t worry though, I’m sooooooooo not even close to being short on excuses for why I haven’t gotten back out there —

  1. I “forgot” my running shoes at home on Tuesday (I did actually forget them. It was in the 30’s and I was totally looking forward to some Sami and Ian time. Sucks to be me.)
  2. The high on Tuesday occurred at 12:05 a.m. and it was down into the single digits (although still above zero) by midday
  3. Today it was so cold that during my 3 block walk back from lunch, that the soda that had collected on the top of my open can FROZE! (Yes, I was being  bad and drinking soda with lunch, and quite frankly it was really the least of many evil things I’ve done over the last 24 hrs —
    1. It was the first of two cans of soda I drank today
    2. “Yes I do want (Bun Mi) fries with that”
    3. Cookie/seminar > 1 (this week)
    4. Second dinner at 12:30 = 1.5 slices of black bean pizza from Pizza Mesa
    5. I’m snacking on the last of my consolation prize right now
    6. Western blots AND and induction experiments with Mary Kate and Ashley Maria, Kate and Brittany
    7. We’re still here!! And this month’s We’re Still Here Party was last night…at Brothers. wpid-2013-01-30-23.00.37.jpg (On the bright side though, no one was thrown out for arriving with a backpack, no one got stuck in a phone booth, IMG_4175no one took the freeway home — on foot, Long Island Ice Teas are no longer included in the $8-all-you-can-drink special, and no one had 8 a.m. Linear this morning. 🙂
  4. I’m spending lots of time making lists apparently…

All that being said, its supposed to be back in the double digits by Saturday and I’m totally itching to go get some more miles in!

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