A chilly, quick trot

It was still damn chilly out today but not windy (thank god)! I hadn’t been out since my long(er) run on Monday so even the whopping 2 F weren’t going to stop me. I still have a rather nasty cough — more than likely cold-weather-running-induced — but it was totally manageable throughout the run. I do need to get a balaclava though, there is no reason to subject my poor lungs to this really damn cold, dry air. And I’ll totally take every legitimate excuse I have to make a trip to the Running Room.

Does anyone have a favorite (or despised) balaclava?

2/2/13 work out

4.4 miles

38 min

Chilly, damn chilly. 2 F,  but with no real wind (score :-).

Threads: Insulated and “compression” Champion tights and long-sleeved shirt from last year, awesome Arc’teryx Solano jacket, and bright pink Pro Compression marathon socks, mittens and my pride-and-joy Vasaloppet ski hat

Treads: geriatric Mizuno Wave Creation 11

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