Saturday mornings are fantastic, dead Beetles are not.

So yesterday morning I woke up to this:

The ice is on the INSIDE of the window

P.S. The ice is on the INSIDE of the window

And this lovely Saturday morning I woke up to this:

SAMSUNGWhat more could a girl want?

Sadly there is one unfortunate commonality between yesterday and today. A sick Beetle. ūüė¶ Before I get down to it and rip her a new one, to be fair, it was -13 F yesterday without the windchill and it’s “warmed up” to a smoking 2 F today. However, I am a bit concerned by her delinquent behavior. When I went to start her yesterday, she turned over (albeit slowly…as -13 F will slow you down), started up, coughed up an iron lung and then died. We tried a few more times, but to no avail. This morning we tried again and achieved more or less the same result. (If only I could get this kind of¬†reproducibility¬†in lab!!)

The reason for my concern stems from the fact that I haven’t had this kind of “battery” trouble before. When I have had battery issues, the car as been dead. Dead dead. No power locks. No dash lights. No radio. (Of course I turned it off as I was trying to start the car.) And¬†definitely¬†no start-cough-cough-die series. Does this mean that it isn’t the battery? i.e. Does this mean that’s it’s going to be more expensive than a jump? Ugh! I sure hope not! ūüėģ

This afternoon Fred graciously came over to help investigate with his AAA peeps, but we ran out of time (after an hour and a half of waiting for the peeps to arrive! really AAA?) and so it is still a mystery. I think our plan of action for now is ¬†just to sit tight and wait for things to warm up. Double digits…¬†perhaps¬†even the 20’s F (there is a rumor floating around that this is a possibility this week)…will¬†hopefully¬†solve the problem. If not, then I guess I’ll deal with that when it happens. For now though I have to keep reminding myself that there’s no sense in draining the battery because I’m impatient. Unfortunately, this also means that I need to find myself a ride to the Super Bowl party tomorrow. ūüė¶

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