Lunds:1, Kaepernick:0

So I’ve recently bit — hook, line and sinker — onto the Lunds and Byerly’s bait. Part of me hates to admit this as they cater to a demographic that I often can not relate to. However, their produce is soooooooo much better than everyone else’s, they put on a good show at are striving to be environmentally conscious, and they have BOGO toilet paper, cereal (in enviro-friendly bags), cheese AND Cheez-Its!! BOGO milk and kiwis (KIWI = YUCK!! — I got them for a fruit salad that I was bringing to a Colin Kaepernick  Super Bowl party because it needed something green. I picked around them of course.)  But they aren’t nearly as exciting.



And yes, BOGO means that there is double of all the items in this picture. 1 person totally needs that much cheese and toilet paper. Right? Never mind the bananas, grapes, strawberries and $1.49 apples! They also had loads of BOGO seafood, frozen pizza, chips, salsa, pasta, and sauce. They didn’t want me (or anyone else) to have to miss a minute of Mr. Kaepernick in action! They are so nice. 🙂 Anyway, if you’re in the mood for awesome fruits, veggies and fish, check out Lunds this week!

So, in light –errr, darkness?– of Colin’s defeat, I shall drown my sorrows in  dinners of cereal and (non-kiwi) fruit and snacks of cottage cheese (data not shown) and Cheez-Itz (Note: while this sounds like a questionable decision, I swear to you it is out of this world…in a fantastic kind of way).

P.S. Really people? We’re already surmising that the power outage was an NFL conspiracy? Does the NFL have the much forethought and/or coordination? What about a test run for stifling a certain Mr. R Lewis? No microphone and no camera = no live televised sermon. Just a thought.

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  1. Jim Bob

    Colin K. was good and they should have had him run it in on a Roll Out at he end of the game. Ray Lews is nut case. That Deer Antler Spray is melting what little brain he has left.

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