Stress relief trot

The last two days at work have been totally shitty to say the least, so getting out for a good run today, in a balmy and calm 25 F was fantastic. Running is such a good way to blow off steam – which happens quickly out in the MN winter!

The “warm” weather has helped melt most of the sludge that’s accumulated on the running paths, sidewalks and road shoulders. This was the first day in a while where I could actually feel the solid ground beneath my feet and the traction between my shoes and said ground. Friction is my friend ūüėČ

2/5/13 work out

5.9 miles

49 min

25 F and calm. Not exactly running skirt weather, but also not running thong weather, and those were the options today. (This is what happens when you stock-pile running stuff at work until you lose track of what the hell you have where.) So, a bit chilly, but god was it good to get out! And a little extra motivation to get done sooner never hurt anyone.

Also, Juan, to answer your question, yes, in fact there¬†two¬†colors of the rainbow that I did not include in my outfit today. I’m wearing neither red nor yellow (the jacket is green, or yellow-green at¬†best) ¬†

2013-02-05 19.25.29

Just in case anyone needed proof that I didn’t go for the thong…


Threads:  Champion tank and running skirt, long-sleeved Monster Dash participants shirt, Mountain Hardwear super power hoody , bright green Pro Compression marathon socks, and The North Face Visor Beanie

Treads: Mizuno Wave Creation 11

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