Staying awake on the night shift

So I’m working the night shift tonight, taking time points every 45 min with desperate hopes of generating something that loosely resembles a meaningful data set. Wish me luck. Depending upon how these results look, this could be the beginning of the end of the experiments required for me to graduate!! 🙂 Hopefully, with what I do tonight, I’ll be able to direct a handful of last experiments, wrap things up in lab and write up (a first draft of) my final paper before my TZ departure! After that it’ll just be revisions, touch-ups here and there, my thesis and then defense! WOW! 😮

In stark contrast to Monday I’m optimistic and trying to stay motivated (rather than dissolving into an F-bomb loaded fighter jet — I’m sorry Juan, or a puddle of tears — I’m sorry Maroof.

Now I am a bit disappointed. I am I’m already getting rather sleepy at the young hour of 1 am. Not a good start! However, all is not lost…

  1. Unintentional night shift = no dinner packed =



  2. I get time to prepare the talk that I have to give for Joint Bio-group Meeting tomorrow…that I found out about today…
  3. I have no intention of arriving much before said group meeting tomorrow
  4.  Lab notebook #10, it’s been a while hasn’t it? Hmmmm…where the hell were we?
  5. Manuscript.
  6. I have a chance to catch up on everything that Facebook has been dying to tell me all week
  7. I can start my packing list for TZ!! (t minus 14 days!!! 🙂
  8. I have much less no guilt about my mid-day runs
  9. I have much less guilt about taking off early yesterday to watch the Target Center floor be cleaned by pack of helpless Timberwolves, courtesy of the San Antonio Spurs, and one very crazy Russian fan…



    ...knees and...

    …knees and…


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