So many of the members of  the graduate department that I’m part of pride themselves in being more than 2 standard deviations above the average. To be fair, in most cases this is probably true. (Thank god for the exception to this generalization as I am glad to be here. Now I just have to hang on a few more months and official get out before people realize their mistake…) Anyway, with this in mind, every now and again I’ll run across something that literally makes me laugh out loud. This is exactly what happened earlier this week. Walking down the hall between my lab and my office I happened upon this…



Upon encountering this spill in the hallway, someone calculated that placing a single tri-fold paper towel in the center of the spill would suffice to absorb the liquid covering ~1 m^2 of hallway.

Effort: B-

Principals of diffusion/absorption: D+


Fast forward one day to when upon walking into my lab I was greeted by this…



The lab drain was backing up and had already flooded most of Juan’s part of the lab!

It was all I could do not to put one piece of paper towel in the middle of the puddle and walk back out the door.

What are some particularly smooth moves that you’ve observed recently?

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