t minus ONE WEEK!!

One week until I leave for Tanzania!

Al and I actually have a pretty complete itinerary set up for our trip at this point. (We have never claimed to be the most well prepared travelers in the world.)

We depart from Minneapolis on February 22nd and return March 9th. What happens in between look something like this-

Where we’ll be

What we’ll do

Where we’ll stay

TZ in Feb

TZ in March

I’m very excited to give a full review of all that we do and of where we stay once we return.


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5 responses to “t minus ONE WEEK!!

  1. Will you get to “shoot at any Wild Animals. It looks like you will be going on some Game Drives. Please bring back some Rhino Horns if possible. If you won’t be using a gun, make sure you pick a slow Rhino.,,, Love, Dad

    • No. It will be a photo safari only. While we desperately wanted to support the efforts of Fair Travel Tanzania, we (read: I) could not afford to. 😦 Fair Trade has a great underlying focus of using their revenues from tourism for the benefit of local staff, economy, community and environment. Take a minute to read more about their impact. Although we aren’t able to go with this particular company, we will definitely be holding this mindset through out our travels.

  2. maiable

    This looks like a great trip! My boyfriend lived in Tanzania for 9 months, and I’ve heard so many good things about that country. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your time there!

    • Very cool! Why was he there? I’m super excited and I’ll definitely have loads of pictures and stories to share when I get back!

    • It was a great trip! TZ was definitely the most developing country I’ve ever been too. And, to be honest, I don’t know if I have what it’d take to actually live there. Major props to your boyfriend!

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