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Leftovers sandwich

Leftovers that can be turned into a sandwich are great. Greatness recently happened twice as follows:

Southwestern Open-faced Sandwich


  1. Corn and black bean mixture (~1:1), sauteed
  2. 1/4 avocado, diced
  3. ~1/2 tsp sriracha sauce (more or less to taste)
  4. Salt and pepper
  5. Cheese (I’ve done a slice of Havarti – just go with me on this one – or shredded marble jack, both were super yummy
  6. 1/2 tomato, sliced
  7. Slice of bread

Combine items 1-5 (or 1-4 if using sliced cheese) and mix

Spoon mixture onto bread and press/smoosh to stay (if using sliced cheese put cheese on first)

Layer the tomato on top

Toast over low heat for ~5 min until toast is crispy, cheese is melted and toppings are warmed through

Remove from heat and smother in salsa

What are your favorite leftovers?

Do you have any favorites that make great sandwiches?


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Saturday score!

So Andi, my buddy for at least the last 25 years, got me some sweet running stuff for Christmas. Running treats – delicious. Foam roller – where have you been all of my life? Running lights – perfecto! Running belt (however) – just not my deal.

I have a totally genius and practical and fashionable mindset that is something along the lines of if it doesn’t fit in my bra, I don’t need to bring it with me. I do have a water belt that’s an exception to this rule and while I definitely enjoy avoiding dehydration and all the perks that come along with this I hate the damn water belt.

Now Andi’s belt is a much different story. I could actually tighten it all the way in my waist so it isn’t totally flopping everywhere. There wouldn’t be 16 heavy ounces of water bottle volume flailing at 4 different (yet all equally irritating and inconvenient – as luck would have it) locations around my waist. And it was pink. 🙂

I gave the belt some serious, thoughtful consideration. I honestly did. (It is February after all, and I got the belt for Christmas.) However, in the end I just couldn’t take the plunge. Sorry Andi.

Anyway, on Saturday I decided to trot on down to the Running Room and exchange the belt for a new pair of running shorts or something to this effect that would get much more use over the year(s). But, as I looked around, there really wasn’t anything that jumped out at me, nothing really caught my eye. (Let me emphasize how totally freaking strange this felt!) Of course I then diverged from the task at hand and wandered over to the oh-so-tempting wall of shoes. As I began drooling over the new Mizuno Wave Creations I heard the fateful words, “Do you have any of last year’s model on sale?” creep out of my mouth.

What the…? I totally don’t need new shoes! (By my standard anyway.) My current pair of WCs are just entering midlife and my Wave Elixers only have one run on them! But of course, as luck would have it they did have last year’s WCs on sale…in my size…and for $49!! OMG! These would be a strong contender for the cheapest Wave Creations known to man! AND I had just about half of that covered by my Andi’s belt! I might as well have stolen them right off the shelf!

The rest is history of course. I bought the shoes before anyone could second guess the price sticker (along with a Margarita Clif Shot Blok for the marathon) and took off like a mad woman! So Andi, thank you so much for the running treats, lights, foam roller and my absolute favorite pair of running shoes!




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