It’s a party!

So I’m not big into moping or pouting, but I do know how to throw a damn good party and tonight it just happens to be a pity party!

  1. I woke up this morning (March 15th) to this-Image
  2. The lovely Health Partners has apparently decided not to cover my chiropractor appointments and decided that the best way to notify me of this was to just start sending me bills, for services I received in DECEMBER!! SAMSUNG
  3. Due to a little logistical situation I need to get new credit cards. News to me, is that the credit card company mails all of their credit cards by UPS. News to them, is that the UPS man does NOT have access to my building. Now I only have to wait one more week to get the re-reissued credit cards delivered by good old-fashioned USPS.


    P.S. FDR? Really? And exactly what the hell does that mean? I guarantee you that the name of my credit card company has nothing to do with FDR.

  4. As you may or may not know, I have begun writing my PhD thesis. So why the hell wouldn’t my wireless card fail inviting me to spend half of the afternoon trying to nurse it back to health. (Sadly I have no pictures of the nasty error message I received as I was too busy physically abusing the computer to snap any photos. This is the best way to fix electronics, right?)
  5. Upon my arrival home today I was greeted by a sizable pond forming on my kitchen floor. My beautiful vintage red refrigerator is sick. 😦 ImageNow I called Landlord Dave who said that he would be over but in the mean time I should put my perishable food out on the window ledge because it wouldn’t spoil as fast out there as it would at room temperature. That was over 3 hours ago.
  6. I’m feeling really quite horrible today after battling some weird upper respiratory issues since the day I landed in Tanzania more or less. (Yesterday I really thought that I’d turned the corner and was on my way to recovery.) Now I’m two cough drops away from having to go out and brave the sleet!Image
  7. Ok, so what to do now?! As excrement continued to hit the fan with each passing move I made I figured it would be best if I just made a cup of tea, chilled and did some knitting on this new pair of socks that I’m making. Reaching into my knitting basket, I pulled out this!Image one needle has been either smashed or chewed and my fourth needle has gone missing (not pictured)!!

Alrighty, with that I am done for now. Please say a prayer for Mother Nature, Health Partners, my credit card company, Landlord Dave, my lungs and whatever little pest has taking a liking to my knitting. If this keeps up things are going to get ugly!

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  1. Did you run into a :Witch Doctor” when you were in the bush over there in Africa ? I will pray nobody has a “voodo” doll with your name on it..

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