My beautiful refrigerator is back in business!SAMSUNG

When I got home last night the fridge was cool and running normally. Apparently Landlord Dave came over this weekend and observed the same thing–


I don’t know what I’d do if we had to replace this thing with some big new white eyesore!

In related news, the Beetle is back in business! When my friend Samia  (and awesome apartment hallway mate) came home last night with her awesome boyfriend Alex, the three of us pilgrimaged (is that a word?) downstairs and went to work. It really probably only took us about a half an hour to get the little blue delinquent going, but when your cold and tired and it’s dark out, it becomes a very interesting 30 min. Here are the things we learned last night–

  1. Having your car sit in one place, without moving, for over a month in the MN winter causes said car to freeze solid to the ground. This subsequently prevents three rather strong people from being able to roll it into a position that is convenient for reaching it with jumper cables. 
  2. VW enjoys challenging its customers to use the smallest of metal pieces as a ground.
  3. Connecting 2 batteries that are 15.5 ft apart does not work with 15 ft cables.
  4. Driving the healthy vehicle down onto the neighbors driveway and then stringing the cables up over the wall to the awkwardly parked sick vehicle looks quite insane, but works like a charm!! 

I really wish I had at least one picture of this ordeal to share, but sadly that was not at the top of the priority list last night.

Thanks so much Sami and Alex! May your codes run smoothly and your data show exactly what you’re hoping to see today!



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