Japanese weekend!

It’s weekend was full of non-thesis writing and non-running fun activities!

Saturday afternoon was spent hanging out with my sister Caeli who is back from Italy for the next 2 weeks 🙂 Then, I spent Saturday night pretending to be a little social butterfly. First, we had our bi-annual Kaznessis group gathering. We are quite the rambunctious bunch…3 parties in 6 years. Whooooo! Watch out! After that, we had Corrie’s 30th birthday to celebrate for the rest of the night. Ian and Corrie went to Costal Seafood in St Paul and bought them out of a variety of yummy sushi fish. I have to admit, I was rathe skeptical at first, but it was a total (diarrhea free) success! They supplied the fish, we brought sushi-fiable ingredients and we went to town making super tasty rolls. I totally recommend doing this if you want to do something a little different for once. Sharpen your knives and clean off your counters!!

Now on Sunday morning, my sushi-filled belly and I headed off bright and early for origami flower folding in Willmar, MN. My sister Anna, her fiancé Cameron and our mama (Anna’s and my mama…Cameron has a different mama…we are in Minnesota boys and girls, not Alabama…) folded flowers for 5 hours. That’s right, FIVE HOURS. But we got them done! What are “them”? Well, amongst other things, Anna and Cameron are doing something quite cool for all of the flowers that they are having in their wedding. Rather than having real flowers, they are having all origami flowers! All of our bouquets, the boutineers and decorations on tables. Now I find it more than a bit ironic that my friend Maroof is actually the one who came up with this brilliant idea (I’m being uncharactistically sincere here, I do think it is a brilliant idea) yet somehow he found himself in an unfortunate circumstance that kept him trapped back at work on Sunday rather than in Willmar folding flowers. Hmmmmm…. We did it though! The four of us made it through. And the very pretty fruits of our labor made it worth it for sure…





(Note: Aforementioned “other cool things” include wearing chucks instead of formal shoes and wearing a birdcage instead of a veil.)

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