Spring in your step!

So Dr. Trot has been quite bad and replaced her 30 miles/week with 30 Makers Mark being sick, thesis and paper writing, wedding planning with Anna and planning my impending move to the shining state of NJ. Now it isn’t that there is anything so wrong with most of these (being sick sucks and NJ is…well…it’s NJ…) but the lack of trotting is very not good! The good news is that I’m feeling much better, the paper is done for now and the thesis is moving forward (however crappy it may be). Wedding stuff is under control, I’ve decided to put my Princeton housing search on the back burner and this tundra that I’ve elected to live in for the last 30 yrs is finally warming up! Sooooooo prepare yourself for the return of some much missed by no one but me blogs on my dysfunctional relationship with Sir Trot.

To start things off properly, there is going to be a fun 5k and maybe also a kids fun run on April 13th in St. Michael, MN. One of the organizers of this event is my saint fantastic chiropractor Dr. Jenny. If you’re in the MSP are round up some friends and come out to join us. It should be a pretty course with fun company. It only $10 to enter or $20 for your whole family!


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