1 month anniversary trot

After an entire month of not running a step (well, that isn’t entirely true…I’ve ran…really ran…for at least half a dozen busses since I’ve been back and that totally counts…right?) it felt very good to get out today. My feet actually made contact with the pavement rather than ice and slush, it was 50 F and I wasn’t bundled in everything that I own. It was a bit windy though and I could totally tell that I hadn’t be out in a month (sans the bus chasing of course) but I easily distracted myself by babbling incessantly initiating stimulating conversation with my running buddies (Samia, Ian and our new running club member … and Bettle jumber extraordinaire … Alex 🙂

4/3/13 work out

3.34 miles

33 min

50 F with a wind x-(booooooo)

Threads:  Nike tank, Adidas Response running pants, shorty socks, and my arm warmers (a great dumpster-dive following the start of the Twin Cities marathon a few years ago)

Treads: Mizuno Wave Creation 11 coated in approximately 937 lbs of African dust

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