I figured it out!!!

So that is actually a bit of a lie. Ok, fine. It’s a complete and utter big fat lie. I most certainly did NOT figure it out, not even close.

To start things off, who remembers this—



If you do not, you can catch your uninformed self up to speed here

So while I probably definitely shouldn’t admit this, I honest to god did the following-

  1. Publicly and privately and incorrectly thanked Dr. A for the absolutely beautiful scarf
  2. Collected the Christmas cards from my girlfriends to compare handwriting samples with the one on the sweet note that came with the beautiful scarf
  3. Wrangled up lab notebooks from previously graduated students in my office (whose Christmas cards to me must have been misplaced by the mail person) to compare handwriting to aforementioned note
  4. Interrogated asked around with my friends to see if anyone knew anything about where this beautiful scarf could have come from
  5. Read the Facebook post from my cousin Elizabeth about how it looked Ethiopian and thought to myself Of course you’d say that Liz, you have two Ethiopian kidos. **headshake…and maybe an eye roll**

Fast forward 3 months to a night at the bar with some friends. One particular (…ahem…Ethiopian…ahem…) friend begins asking me very odd questions about if I have checked my mail box lately…just how long ago did I check it…am I still wearing scarfs…what is my favorite color… O.M.G. Only then did it finally hit me!

Abel, thank you for the beautiful scarf that you brought back for me from Ethiopia. (Liz 1, Dr. T 0) love it. Also, HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY ABEL! May others make you as happy as your make them 🙂

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