Quick trot attempt

For some reason I was in the mood to give a quick trot (relative definition of both words please) a try today, largely  just to see what the hell would happen (and to minimize the time my lazy rear was out of my comfy office chair).

Things actually ended up going surprisingly well. Of course, the lungs were on fire from the beginning and I was working far harder than I really should admit, but it was ok. 🙂

Hopefully I didn’t exhaust myself for running club tomorrow though. (P.S. Aside from a catastrophe, I think we will have a new member joining us tomorrow! Stay tuned. 🙂

4/9/13 work out

4.23 miles

35 min

45 F with a wind

Threads:   Champion tank,  Nike Relay – Women’s Running Capris, shorty socks, short and long-sleeved technical t-shirts from runs that were less than 5 years ago…promise

Treads: Mizuno Wave Creation 11

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