Running club bail

So my faithful running club bailed out on my today:

“…blablabla…I feel kind of sick…blablabla…it’s too cold…blablabla…you are bat shit crazy, it’s winter out again…blablabla”

Needless to say, our newest member will now (supposedly) be making his debut on Friday and I went out by myself today. All went pretty well. It was chilly and windy but I didn’t want to be out super long so I managed to keep a relatively decent pace…for me of course…

ALSO, I’m just putting 2 + 2 = 5 4 together now, but I really do think that wearing Pro Compression marathon socks help prevent sore knees (even for short runs totally)!! So my few recent runs have been a bit warmer than those in say Jan and Feb. However, I have not (for whatever stupid reason) been wearing my  Pro Compression marathon socks. My knees were achy last week, but I figured it was just because my lazy ass busy self hadn’t been out in quite a while. Now none of my runs have been all that far and my knees are sore after every damn one! Conclusion:  Pro Compression marathon socks are not only super styling and great for long runs and recovery, but they also really do help regulate circulation and ease joint stress in cold weather, regardless of run length.

4/10/13 work out

4.23 miles

36 min

38 F with a wind

Threads:   Champion tank and long-sleeved technical shirt,   Nike Tech – Women’s Running Tights,  Novara Conversion Bike Jacket – Women’s to break the wind (w/o sleeves) and shorty socks

Treads: Mizuno Wave Creation 11

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