I’m so sorry Boston…

…that your beautiful day and your beautiful race was senselessly vandalized. My heart goes out to everyone who worked so hard, with the support of their families and friends, to have what should have been a celebration turn into a horrific nightmare. My thoughts have been with with all of you today.

On a related note-

1. I stayed at a friend’s last night so this was the closest I could get to a race t-shirt for today –20130416-163632.jpg

Not too bad. Thanks Mile-Posts. Dream big, run long indeed.

2. Blue and yellow or race t-shirts are the thing to do this week if your dress code allows.

3. For anyone who has seen this video, the little old man who was knocked down by the compression wave is ok (and finished the race!)

4. Thank you to all of the Carlos who responded that way that you did.

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