Weekend fun

You will all be relieved to know that with some advise from my fearless leader (and a witty yet relatively sober idea from my mama the night before) I was indeed able to resolve my thesis title dilemma on Friday. The damned things documents were all bound and delivered by early afternoon, in plenty of time to go make a series of bad decisions at Round Table (I.e. happy hour…and bad decisions = bottles of wine 🙂


Step 1/2 to finally blow outa this joint is now complete! Now I am (quite obviously) thrilled to be finishing up and moving on to new things, but it is also kind of hard to believe that the days are really numbered now. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ll eat a basket of Sally’s cheese curds for dinner. Well, maybe I shouldn’t get ahead of myself just yet…

Drinks at the department happy hour, then more drinks at Sally’s and the off to a party with the Greeks (my friends from the fiscally irresponsible Mediterranean country, not frat boys) rounded out the evening and into wee hours of Saturday morning (and the resulting hangover into the latter part of Saturday afternoon….but never mind). I call bull shit on the growing wiser with age business.

Anyway, 3 delicious meals out with friends, a trip to Party City, a 2 hour nap and the Bourn series (thank you Matt Damon ) has rounded out a lovely post-thesis submission celebratory/lazy weekend. Hopefully I can pull myself together for a productive week before the big 2 for 1 weekend in 5 days – commencement + sister Anna’s bridal shower.

In the mean time, check this out…

…a sweet music video from a local Minneapolis group…

Can you tell who I’m related to?

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