Trying to get back on the wagon trot

After not being out in almost a month (shameful look) and it hitting 70F today (FINALLY) I had to get out for a run.

Long story sort, I started out way too fast (think 7:30 miles for Dr. Out of Shape), blew out my lungs, tired out my legs and over heated by mile 3. Oh well, at least I was running!

The only part of this that is of actual concern is the lungs. Now of course my fat ass shouldn’t have been going that fast and my lungs are always the first to go, but this felt like the lingerings of my lung issues acquired at the lovely Mt. Kilimanjaro activity that I recently participated in. After a few runs last month I was feeling much better. Especially after another month I was expecting to be a-okay. I obviously still need to ease back into things rather than diving head first with wreck-less abandon. Who would have thought!! :-/ Hopefully that (apparently) rational approach will solve the problem over the next few days/weeks.

5/06/13 work out

5.19 miles

55 min

70 F, sunny, still

Threads:   Champion tank, Nike running skirt and bright green Pro Compression marathon socks (i.e. I was practically naked!!)

Treads: Mizuno Wave Creation 11

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