There is about to be a recurring theme with the way I begin my posts…


Thus, I have a lot to write about and you, consequently will have a lot to bore yourself to sleep read about! Shall we start from the top? I think so.

So two weekends ago was crazy freaking busy. First, I had my commencement on Friday afternoon and then my sisters bridal shower on the following Saturday.

Commencement day began with an overly indulgent (but sufficiently justified of course) breakfast at the Wild Roast Cafe in the St. Anthony Main neighborhood. I ordered the veggie strata

Veggie Strata

2nd place Veggie Strata

which sadly came in a distant second to my partner in crime’s Classic Benedict with crab cake.

1st place Classic Benedict

1st place Classic Benedict

This was not easy for me to take as I am usually the queen of ordering awesome food.


Taken while still blissfully ignorant about the deliciousness of my VS.

Thankfully though, the more I consumed of my very gracious friend’s food the better I felt about the situation.

Taken while still blissfully ignorant about the amount of his brunch I was about to consume.

Taken while still blissfully ignorant about the amount of his brunch I was about to consume.

Next it was on to commencement with some awesome friends and HOT, complicated robes and hoods. Even in MN we were roasting alive! (Not that you can gather that from the washed out picture or anything…)


Dr. T, Dr. MA


Dr. SI, Dr. T

The ceremony was only 3.5 hrs long and about half way through we got to

hooding 1

get hooded…

hooding 2


hand shake

…shake hands with our mouths hanging open…

pose 2

…and take awkwardly posed pictures (yet still ensuring that our teal nail polish is visible…WINNING!!)

Our adviser Dr. YK hooded both Dr. K and I so we had to take more pictures with him together after the ceremony was finished.

Dr.K, Dr.T, Dr.YK

Dr.K, Dr.T, Dr.YK


Dr. T, Dr. YK

And then we went back to our department and wrangled up people for a few more photo ops in front of our building.


Dr. MM, Dr. MA, Dr. T


Dr. J, Maria, Dr. T, Dr. K, Katie, Brittany

Finally we wound down the evening with some awesome eats at the Birdhouse  in Minneapolis.

Over all it was a SUPER fun day and a perfect way to close things up with friends and classmates as we all finish up and head off on our next adventures. However, I would not recommend back-to-backing commencement activities with sister’s bridal shower activities. Sister Anna’s bridal shower was scheduled to begin t-minus 12 hours after returning home from commencement celebrations. This is a very short amount of time to recover from said previous festivities and prepare for upcoming events. However, it is also a very long time to have to deal with perpetual shit-on-fan-contact. Stay tuned! 🙂

What was your commencement ceremony like? How did you celebrate? Was it in the midst of a busy time of year?

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