Where did the 12 days go?

Holy crap has it been a long time since I’ve posted anything!

To make a long 12 days very short, the following have happened:

  1. Anna’s wedding shower (on April 27th, but I still haven’t posted about it)
  2. My PhD defense (on May 3rd, but I also still haven’t posted about this!)
  3. Ian’s and Samia’s defenses (May 13th and 15th — which I largely blame for my absence)
  4. Finishing and officially submitting the final draft of my thesis : Gene expression control and antimicrobial peptide production by haute couture bacteria.
  5. Drinking heavily 11/16 days/evenings since my defense

In addition, the following items have most certainly NOT happened:

  1. Regular work outs
  2. Healthy eating
  3. Enough sleep
  4. Proper preparations for moving half way across the country

No guarantees of course, but over the next few days I’ll try to catch all 4 of you up on what has been going on in more detail. 🙂

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