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First NJ trot!

I went on my first trot in NJ today! It’s been a month since I’ve put any miles in (as is obvious to all by the lack of workout postings) and I really really really just needed to get out and cover some ground.

After 30 min of driving around looking for the supposed parking lot and starting point of the Deleware and Raritan Canal State Park Trail, I finally found my way out of the (closed) Quaker Bridge Road to Alexander Road vortex. At this point I was determined to enjoy a run that was longer than the journey required to find aforementioned pesky trail head.

I don’t know if “enjoy” is the most accurate verb (or WTH part of speech is it?), but 82 minutes and ~8 miles later I was quite pleased with my afternoon’s accomplishment.

6/8/13 workout

82 min

7.7 miles

Warm (77F), humid and calm.

Anticipated a dirt trail run and got more of a mucky steeple chase. So, it wasn’t exactly setting a land speed record, but I was moving fast enough all things considered. Speaking of things to consider, my lungs held up surprisingly/thankfully well. Don’t misunderstand me, I was out of breath, the.whole.time, but I didn’t feel like I was drowning, the lungs didn’t burn and my legs were also fatigued by mid-run (illustrating my overall fat-ass-state-of-fitness).


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