Treadmill trot


3.7 miles

35 min

~70F, calm and 1% incline, treadmill run!

It was pouring rain out but I was home from work before 9 pm so I had to do something. Considering I now live in an apartment compound (no, I don’t mean “complex,” I definitely mean “compound…had I meant “complex” that is what I would have said…) with a fitness center, I guess I had better start making use of it! Now I detest treadmill running. I’d prefer being out in the cold, rain, snow, whatever, than run in place in a stale stinky room with unchanging scenery for what feels like eternity. Unfortunately, I also detest getting lost in the dark and eaten by black bears. So, the damn treadmill won.

Now it does really pain me to admit this, but it really actually wasn’t all that bad. Boring? Duh. Yes. Of course. Horrible? No. Will I do it again? Yes, definitely. Not everyday. Maybe something like once a week. Definitely not my top choice, but bearable, especially for shorter, faster runs or runs where pace is important (and runs when you get home early and the weather is wicked bad out). The one and only thing that I am a little worried about is the tight/sore shin sensation that began ~10 min in and is still present. I will rub and stretch them out and keep half a brain cell remembering them. Hopefully it’s nothing and they’ll be back to normal in no time!

Threads: Champion tank and Nike running skirt and shorty socks.

Treads: Mizuno Wave Creation 11

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