Work trot

I am quickly realizing that this new job is a 7 days / week sort of gig.

Bad news = IT’S A SEVEN DAYS / WEEK SORT OF GIG!!! x-( 

Good news = I’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore trails around my apartment and around campus. Joy. 

Today was the first work trot, and it was quite successful if I do say so myself. I found a new route that I haven’t run before, it has hills, I didn’t get lost, and I can totally extend it for a number of longer runs. 🙂


34 miles

32 min

80 F (at least), sunny and humid

The first 1/2 was a wooded trail and a nice long decline. Sooooo, the second 1/2 was returning up the long incline on the sidewalk right next to the road for all to see me struggle. Oh well. The sidewalk actually wasn’t SO bad and everything felt very good – lungs included 🙂

Threads: Nike tank, Nike running skirt and shorty socks.

Treads: Mizuno Wave Creation 11

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