Work trot

So yet again, I found myself at work for a good part of the day on Sunday. At least there was a long incubation time in my protocol for me to get a halfway decent run in, right? Maybe. One thing I detest about NJ is this armpit of a state garden state’s inability to properly label their GD roads!!! (At this point you can probably assume what happened.) Now this isn’t just a problem of labeling (multiple road names for the same damn road, no indication of any of said names at intersections, etc…) but it is also the annoying detail that nowhere in this land of sprawling suburbia do two roads come together at a 90 degree angle (never mind anywhere being laid out in anything close to a grid system). Moral of the story: Dr. Trot got damn lost.


6.8 miles

107 min (note: does not include time wandering around street “corners” –PSA NJ corners are at 90 degree angles — trying to figure out where the eff I was)

90 F (at least), sunny and humid

I was damn hot and mad — but considering the pressure cooker of a day it was and the stupidity of NJ civil engineers, it could have been worse, I guess.

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