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I knew what I was in for

As I headed out the door for my run (during my final round w/the autoclave for the day…which always makes me happier than it should…never mind) I could hear the thunder approaching could see the low grey clouds swirling and could smell rain in the air. Even I knew what was about to happen. And sure enough, less than 5 min later, on display in the center of town on Nassau St., I was absolutely soaked to the bone. To. The. Bone.


3.4 miles

31 min

Warming (low 80s), humid (read pouring rain, like can’t-see-my-feet-to-even-attempt-avoiding-the-puddles kind of “humidity”) and fun.

The rain was actually awesome, a bit of excitement and a welcome switch from the same-old…

Threads: Champion tank and skirt & stupid cotton shorty socks

Treads: Mizuno Wave Creation 11

Any exciting runs had by ya’ll recently? Any fun weather runs?

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