My email tells me I’m running the Philadelphia Marathon…

philadelphia marathon

So last night (after a much needed fire was lit under my ass by Dr. Sami) I pulled the trigger and registered for the Philadelphia Marathon (at full price…oops…) The marathon is on Sunday, November 17 so if you’re good at math (hell, even if you aren’t good at math you should be able to handle this one) that puts me 18 weeks out exactly. So, hello first day of (being pissed off about not being able to justify dinners of beer and cheese curds) my next marathon training cycle! 


I have to say, I am super excited about this marathon. Of course, I’m stoked to be doing it with my partner in running crime, Dr. Annebelle.

Dr. Annebelle and I at #1 in Chicago

Dr. Annebelle and I at #1 in Chicago

This will actually be our first non-Chicago marathon that we’ve run together. (Full disclosure, I am a bit sad about not doing Chicago again this year. But apparently you can’t do everything…) Also, a number of other grad school + running club buddies are joining in for the fun this year! Drs. Sami, Alex, Ian, Corrie, and MtJK to be exact (and hopefully Drs. Mazar and LizzyBeth and maybe Cousin TC too!!) As if this all isn’t awesome enough, Philly is only an hour from “home” (I’m still not sure how I feel about this, but never mind…)! It’s going to be a fantastic train wreck of a weekend of drinking running!!

My training plan for the 2012 Chicago Marathon went extremely well — i.e. a very comfortable (relative definition) 4:13 PR

#2 @ Chicago in the coolest of headbands (and w/4:13 PR)

#2 @ Chicago in the coolest of headbands (and w/4:13 PR)

Now I think this was largely due to:

  1. Running 4 days a week rather than 5 (yet still keeping my weekly mileage up)
  2. Dr. Jenny, my genius, god-send chiropractor
  3. Self deprivation of aforementioned calcium rich dinner options
  4. Luck

So, the plan is to shoot for something similar.

  1. For starters, here is the tentative training plan for the next lovely 18 weeks:
week Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Weekly miles
1 4 7 5 10 26
2 4 7 5 11 27
3 4 8 6 8 26
4 4 8 6 13 31
5 4 9 7 14 34
6 4 9 7 10 30
7 5 10 8 16 39
8 5 10 8 17 40
9 5 11 13 29
10 5 11 9 19 44
11 6 12 10 20 48
12 6 8 6 12 32
13 6 12 10 20 48
14 6 8 6 12 32
15 6 12 10 20 48
16 6 10 4 12 32
17 5 8 4 8 25
18 4 6 2 MARATHON!! 38
  1. Of course this will change here and there to accommodate for the rest of life. But overall, this is the plan.
  2. Next, it’s high time I find a new chiropractor in the Princeton area. That being said … HELP!! Does anyone know of a good chiropractor in the Princeton area?
  3. So to keep myself on track to maintaining a relatively training friendly diet (via the threat of public humiliation and sheer laziness), I’m now keeping a public food log on MapMyRun. Good luck to me and enjoy (and partake) in the beautiful opportunity of public mockery.
  4. Lastly, the fingers and toes are all crossed (when not pipetting or running) and the evil eyes are all strategically positioned.

With that being said, I’m off to go get in my first, 4 mile, training run of the season (have to shift everything up this first week of training to free up the weekend for Master David’s big wedding weekend).

P.S. Dr. Trot told me that she is going to try and switch things up just a bit. Rather than including daily workout posts, she is going to do weekly training summaries. Putting things into a broader context will hopefully be an improvement and, what the hell can I say, I’m a bit lazy!

Does anyone know of a good chiropractor in the Princeton area? (I’m serious.)

Is anyone just starting a training cycle for a race? New? Old? Marathon? Otherwise?

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