Week 1

Things got a little switched up for the first week of training to accommodate work (read: to accommodate a massive dumbass/rookie mistake made by muah at work) and Master David’s wedding on Saturday (yyyeeeaaahhh). Got the mileage in w/reasonably spaced (kinda) rest days, in wicked hot and humid NJ weather and all is feeling pretty good so far. I’ll take it.

Mon 7/15 – 3.64 mi / 32:20 min
93F hear index
The run was hot and humid and sweaty and hard and felt great.
P.S. I got bit/stung by a firefly! Who the eff does that?

Tues 7/16 – 7.02 mi / 1:08:40 min
95F and 55% humidity


2 x 4 oz wretched running belt bottles of water (not enough)
A 9:47 pace would be acceptable considering my current state for a first 7 miler of the season. Not a land/speed record, but not bad. However, considering that I may have been running on the surface of the sun, I am thrilled. Lets see how thrilled I (namely ankles, knees, hips, caves and quads…yeah…that’s all…) feel tomorrow. :-/
The lungs felt good and the legs held on too. Will have to either cut the nails or start wrapping my toes though. Taking off ones socks should not be that exciting/unpredictable.
P.S. Never mind (and never mention again) the number of uncharacteristic OMG I have to stop RIGHT NOW and just stand here in the shade for 30 sec or else I will drop dead this instant pauses that were taken…

Wed 7/17 – rest
Thurs 7/18 – rest
Fri 7/19 – 5.4 mi / 51 min
85F but felt like mid 90s by 6 am. Awesome. Absolutely slick with saline before I made it out of my apartment compound, but there was something about just accepting my slimy fate and focusing on enjoying the rest of the run that worked surprisingly well. An exhausting but great way to start the morning!

Sat 7/20 – wedding reception dancing (that counts for at least 10 miles in my book)
Sun 7/21 – rest
Total mileage = 16 mi

So not exactly the ~30 mile Week 1 that I had hoped for. But, also not too bad for a) how damn hot it has been and for b) the fact that we had David’s wedding at which to earn the badge of “trouble makers…”


For next week, there is absolutely no reason that the long run won’t happen and the food log will be maintained through out the weekend
Note: due to an excessive amount of scotch throwing itself into my mouth (this was very talented scotch) on both Friday and Saturday night (talented and persistent), the food log was unfortunately impossible this weekend

Threads – running, skirts, shorty socks and Mizunos (Wave Creation 11s for the trails AND the Wave Elixer 6s) for the roads

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July 21, 2013 · 11:20 pm

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