Week 2

Mon 7/22 – rest

Tues 7/23 – 4 mi / 37 min
An I don’t want to but I’ll do it because I have to run turned into a great tempo run.
80F and less humid than its been (so only 60% or so)
The lower temp and humidity really helped me keep the pace up (as did the rapidly approaching darkness from procrastinating too long + my irrational fear of the dark…but never mind…)
Ran hard and felt good…both a pleasant surprise and a small miracle.

Wed 7/24 – cross – 10 mi bike / a while
Went biking with one of my new friends out on some country roads just north of town. It was a very pretty ride and relaxing while also being a nice opportunity to get the muscles warmed up and moving.
Mid 70s (P.S where the hell did the summer go?!?!) and less humid.

Thurs 7/25 – 7.5 mi / 1:09 min

Very good. Didn’t feel like a real speed work out when I started (…a long crappy day at work…as hard as that is to imagine…), but got going and was in a grove within the first mile and felt like pushing it. Right leg tightened up a bit at the end, but overall felt very good – lungs and legs. The rolling hills were fun and the right amount of work.

Much lower temp (69F) and cloudy felt great (still 77% humidity)

Took 206 out of town for 3.5 and then turned around and came back. Not what I had planned to do, but I got the miles in and really, it wouldn’t be true to form for me to get a new route right the first time. The route was pretty and there was enough of a shoulder most of the way. But, there were enough areas where it narrowed and was also swerving and hilly that I don’t think I should make this a regular route. 

Fri 7/26 – rest

Sat 7/27 – 11 mi (first 5.5 mi / 53 min, second 5.5 mi / who knows and who cares because I was too busy talking with friends 🙂

Had an awesome Saturday planned with friends so in anticipation of the aftermath on Sunday, I got my long run in on Saturday. I did the first 5.5 solo, out and back from town and then did the second half with my awesome MN-relocated-to-the-east-coast running crew: Drs. Hills and Dr. Sami. We ran and blabbered and sweat our asses off and had a great time.

It felt damn warm: ~80F and sunny.

Overall felt very good. The first half was faster and the second half was a lot of yappy fun. A great way to spend Saturday morning.

Dr. Sami, Dr. T, Drs. Hills and Dr. Mazar (who didn't participate in the run with us but provided the awesome family BBQ that was the occasion for our gathering in the first place)

Dr. Sami, Dr. T, Drs. Hills and Dr. Mazar (who didn’t participate in the run with us but provided the awesome family BBQ that was the occasion for our gathering in the first place)

Sun 7/28 – rest + foam roll

(Please see Saturday post, will get the miles in on Monday.)
Total mileage =22.5 mi

Not bad. It would’ve been nice to get the 5 miler in on Sunday, but c’est la vie. The week’s runs all felt good and I got in a bonus bike ride and a kick ass Saturday. Week 2 was a winner 🙂

Threads – running, skirts, shorty socks and Mizunos (Wave Creation 11s for the trails AND the Wave Elixer 6s) for the roads

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