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Baldpate Mountain and Cafe 44

Dr. Trot went on adventure today!

As the ass crack of dawn…while it was still only 85F…a few new-found “friends”, guilted into this role by Jamie via Patrick I presume (thank you Jamie and Patrick :-),  escaped from the death grips of Princeton and drove ~20 miles to Baldpate Mountain for hiking! The thickly wooded “mountain” was really nice. There were over 12 miles of marked (and, importantly, largely shaded) natural trails for hiking and horseback riding.

Baldpate mountain

Baldpate mountain

There were a few creeks, ponds and old ruins to check out along the trails. I totally wish I would’ve brought a camera to snap a few pictures. 😦 We came upon an abandoned farm at the end of the white trail with collapsing remains of the house, 4 or 5 farm buildings + well/milk storage thing next to a little pond. Cool 🙂 We hiked around 5 miles (this might be way off as I am stupid and forgot my GPS watch in the car :-/) in a little over 2 hours. I’d definitely like to come back to either re-hike the same trails as today or check out some of those that we didn’t get to.

I’m not sure if we were supposed to pay, but we didn’t. 

Driving home hunger set in and because Princeton has awesome face-feeding opportunities, we decided to check out Cafe 44YUMMY!! I’m not sure if it was because I was knocking on the door of hangry by the time my food arrived (by our own doing…we arrived ~2 pm after trucking through the woods for over 2 hours…the service was plenty fast) but it was delicious! I had a fresh mozzarella and veggie sausage omelette (I should have added some veggies) with potatoes, toast and coffee. Again, there are sadly no pictures. Shame on me. I guess that just means I am obligated to a make a second trip. 🙂

Hope everyone has had a nice Saturday!

Does anyone have favorite hiking trials in their area or more importantly in my area?

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Firey Friday Trot

A great way to end a blah day is with a quick (relative definition) trot from which you come out feeling like you’ve worked hard but gotten what you were working for.


3.7 miles

33 min

87F and humid (sun was mostly down already 🙂

Also, I now understand why NJ thinks it can get away without street lights on any of its roads….


And lots of them!

Fireflies were everywhere! They were in the grass, the bushes, the trees, the flowers and along the trail. I couldn’t help but run into them they were so thick! They were actually quite pretty, lighting up and dimming out as I trotted along. I’ll definitely have to bring a camera with at some point. I wonder if I’ll be able to take a picture of them…

Also, why are they even here actually (and not in MN for example)? What is a good environment for a firefly?

Threads: Danskin tank from a million years ago, new ruffled skirt that does not ride up!!! 😀 (and for which I need to find a link) and shorty socks.

Treads: Mizuno Wave Creation 11

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(Ugly) Celebratory 4th of July Trot

Happy 4th of July! Why not go run 7 miles in the sun, at 86F and 150% humidity w/o a water bottle? I’ll spare you the list of reasons as we all have better things to do with our lives…


7 miles

71 minutes

86 F, humid and sunny and HOT

While the tow path is a lovely route along the canal, would it be soooooo unreasonable to purify and bubble up a little H2O for a dehydrated runner?!?! It boggles my mind that there isn’t a single measly water fountain along the entire length of the canal (yes, of course this is a very rational generalization based on the 7 miles I’ve run of the +50 mile trail). Thanks for asking 🙂 Anyway, it looks like the wretched water belt might be making a comeback. God help us all.

Threads: Reebok Women’s core ribbed tank, pretty pink ruffled running skirt (still gotta find the link) and shorty socks.

Treads: Mizuno Wave Creation 11

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Downpour trot

After a very busy last week (I swear, I had good reason for not getting out at all) and with some flashy new trotting threads, I hustled out the door as soon as I got home from work to get a workout in before the acid New Jersey thunderstorms hit. I obviously did not hustle quickly enough. Not even close. It was sprinkling as I left my parking lot, and honest-to-god raining by 0.5 miles in. I was in a downpour by 1 mile and it stayed that way until I was just turning back into my parking lot. Awesome. It was actually pretty fun, to be honest. It was warm and humid, but not uncomfortably so and the rain was like an adventure. If there was one thing to complain about (I just have to complain about something, don’t I?)  it would be about lazy Nicki Minaj crapping out on me with just under a mile to go. Thanks.


This soooo does not do justice to how drenched I was! I am standing in pools of (apparently clear) water that is dripping from my skirt.


5 miles

42 min

80 F, cloudy, downpouring

Threads: Reebok Women’s core ribbed tank, pretty pink ruffled running skirt (still gotta find the link) and shorty socks.

Treads: Mizuno Wave Creation 11

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