PHL:1, EWR: negative 9 gazillion (+ please help!)

So Dr. trot likes to think that she learns from most of her, however rare, less than genius decisions (I can image your surprise, but they do exist). Today has provided a particularly lovely example of this…

1. Decide when you “should” leave for the airport and then tack on an extra 2×30 min.
2. Print directions for the parking lot you plan to use, pull said directions up on GPS and then call said parking lot to confirm that they are in fact where aforementioned sources claim. (3 of 3 must match before proceeding.)
3. Do not, under any circumstances, go anywhere near Newark, NJ, much less the abyss known as EWR.
4. Instead, proceed to PHL for an on time (or at least well above 2 standard deviations from the mean) flight to MSP (or some other second class city if you must I suppose)
5. Wait until your ass is actually planted in your most comfortable seat and the aircraft has reached a cruising altitude before you start making claims about that being your current status
6. Fire up the MP3 player so you can curse, rather that Applause, your supposed bestie for releasing the most atrocious new single your buddy Rihanna can keep you company for the flight

And with that, my ass is firmly plated on a MSP-bound airplane for what should be a most exhausting exciting weekend back home. 🙂 I mean really, why wouldn’t one take the weekend of their partner in crime’s PhD defense and cram it full with a meeting with the former boss, a reunion of childhood friends and a wedding reception. Do the ~20 miles need to be included in that list too? I guess I just assumed that they were…well…just assumed…

As if the weekend isn’t going to be packed with enough action, I think/fear that the flight home actually be the icing on the cake. Why is this, you ask? Well, it’s because Pheona is moving to New Jersey! 🙂 Now I couldn’t be more excited to have my baby back “home” with me. (Until I buck up and at least get license plates, I think I can still use “home” instead of home. But, little Pheona has taken advantage of every possible previous opportunity to prove that she is an absolute terror when it comes to vehicle rides. As you’re assuming that I’m being dramatic/exaggerating/being a big baby, I’ll have you know that she has destroyed not one, but TWO (sorry Penny) soft-sided pet carriers and is diligently working to break down the hard sided dog carrier that she has since been chauffeured in.

The current plan of action is freshly trimmed nails, a kitty cat harness for going through security, a kitty cat dose of Benadryl (trial run tonight), and a stiff drink for mama once we are all aboard. For anyone with more experience than I with this sort if thing (that is experience > ZERO), HELP!!! Any suggestions, advise, recommended dos or do NOTs would be much much much appreciated.

And with that…please power down and stow all portable electronic devices…blablabla…and HELLO MINNEAPOLIS!! 🙂

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