Week 6

Mon 8/19 – rest

After last week, I wasn’t about to do a damn thing today.

Tues 8/20 – 9 mi / 87:45 min

Thank you 5 am inoculation time  for forcing me to get my 9 miles in before 7 am. The bad news is that I spent >50% of the run scared (of being hit by a car and/or the boogyman that lives in the dark woods) and sporting arm warmers (PSA, it’s only August New Jersey!!!). The good news is that I felt pretty good overall (however I was moving rather slowly it turns out).

I forgot to mention this in Week 5’s post (I’m just thankful that thing made it up at all…), but as of Sunday night I’ve been rekindling my relationship with compression. I wore my beloved ProCompression marathon compression socks to bed on Sunday, to bed on Monday and then for my run this morning. Oh how I’ve missed thee… I don’t know how, but I had forgotten just how wonderful compression is during and after long runs (read: before, during and after any runs). As the weekly mileage and the long run miles continue building these pretty little things will be a regular component of the wardrobe (and as the temperatures hang out around 60F… :-/)

Wed 8/21 – rest

Thurs 8/22 – rest

Fri 8/23 – cross – 3 hrs dancing at Brothers

Sat 8/24 – cross – 1 mile (hungover) walk

Sun 8/25 – rest

Total mileage = 9 miles :-/

Hmmmmmm … what exactly does Dr. Trot have to say for herself? It was an awesome weekend and to hell with the schedule for a few days?!?! Yup. That pretty much sums it up. I brought my running gear to MN and I honest to god, cross my heart, fully intended on running 4 on Friday, 7 on Saturday and 10 on Sunday. And then none of that even came close to happening. Oh well. I’m not going to try to make up the miles (well, maybe a little) and I’m not going to try to cram in extra work outs this week. Life will go on, all fitness is not lost and Dr. Trot will just hobble back onto where she ought to be on the training schedule and shut up about it…or at least with out too much complaining (i.e. there aren’t that many people out here that feel obligated to listen to my bitching yet)

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