Week 9

It was a much needed cutback week this week…

Mon 9/9 – rest

Sooooo nice 🙂

Tues 9/10 – 5 mi / 47.5 min

Warm out again, ~90 F, and humid. Ugh. The run was crammed in at the end of the day and all went well considering the circumstances. Legs feel pretty good and lungs feel like new.

Wed 9/11 – rest

Thurs 9/12 – 10.6 mi / 1:37

Now this thing was something else! Crammed between time points on a double persister assay day. It’s a good thing I don’t think things through before I do them otherwise I would have either been dreading this or wouldn’t have done it at all. It was still wicked hot and humid out. I didn’t bring water or snacks with me but I definitely chowed and guzzled like a boss during my pit stop back at Hoyt. Super hot. I went out fast (time point logistics) and slowed it down on the second half (being lazy logistics) but still managed to finish the whole pain in the ass at a relatively reasonable average pace. Ver good, this was all I cared about today. I think water and snacks would have been more work than what they would’ve been worth for 5 miles. Stopping back at work midway does have its perks (besides the AC…and hot, slimy, vinyl glovebox).

Fri 9/13 – rest

Sat 9/14 – 12.7 mi / 1:59

Was out making bad decisions until all hours of the night in The City (this is what people from NJ call NYC) last night. So, the run didn’t happen until 4 pm and it was rough ROUGH. I felt slow and dehydrated and not properly fueled. Imagine that. For a variety of reasons Saturday pretty much sucked so I figured it was an operation new compression socks situation.

Purple camo + pink ruffled skirt + brand spanking new purple Procompression does a damn good job.

Sun 9/15 – rest

Total mileage = 28.3 mi

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