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Week 15

Mon 10/21 – rest

Tues 10/22 – 6ish mi / fast enough

Out the door after work before the sun went down. Nothing special, I’ll take it.

Wed 10/23 – cross: flag football Princeton IM league championships

We won!! 😀 So I somehow managed to be roped into playing flag football again tonight. I figured what the hell, it’s the last game of the season, why not? It was cold (50F…god, I’m becoming a sissy…) and there were extra girls so I wasn’t on the field the whole time. I can’t say I caught a single pass or did a whole hell of a lot on defense to be perfectly honest, but we won! 🙂 And I came away with a lovely bright orange Princeton Tigers Champion t-shirt. That’s what this is all for anyway, right?

Thurs 10/24 – 12 mi / fast enough

I’m 30, I’ve been wearing a bra for 20 years (or something like that) and yet somehow still manage to forget to pack the damn thing when I’m loading all of the other running essentials into my bag in the morning. Really? This is like packing half a shoe! What is wrong with me? Anyway, I needed to get the run in and I needed to learn a lesson, so after work I set off for the 6 mile run home to change and then run back. So, only half of the run was totally out of control (this is really all that I could have taken of this) and although I finished cold (again, it’s like 50F…I need to stop using the word) and in the dark, at least it got done. I was actually feeling pretty good at the end, which was a nice consolation prize (this may or may not have had something to do with the packages of fruit snacks that I gobbled down while I was at home…)

Fri 10/25 – rest

Rest = off to NYC for my 30th birthday party!! 🙂

Sat 10/26 – rest

Rest = participating in my 30th birthday party!! 🙂

So I’m just going to start by putting it out there that I was VERY BAD this weekend.

a) I did not run today. None. Zero. Zilch. I did spend the morning walking to and across the Brooklyn Bridge though.



We do look our best freezing cold and in 50 mph (at least) winds.

b) I threw my 30th birthday party dinner at Cacio e Pepe that began with having my fill of the most delicious Italian cibo (this includes homemade tonnarelli tossed in pecorino and served out of a cheese wheel…


tonnarelli tossed in pecorino and served out of a cheese wheel

…as well as the best pumpkin ravioli you’ll EVER eat). For a full review, be patient, there will be/may be one on here soon(ish).



c) 4 words: Hooka Bar Bottle Service.

Here are a few more words (and photos to replace more words — as they are generally far more embarrassing and incriminating consise and illustrative than just the words) to take you through the next parts of the evening…


What’s a birthday party without fire works in the bar?!?!


Drs. AnneBelle, T and Sami

I know I know … for shame!


But, who can say no to smoke rings for all?


certainly not Dr. T and Dr. Dragon

But also super fun…


Drs. Trott, Akihiro Yoshida and AnneBelle


Drs. Louboutin


Drs. KaAnne

…and not something I’ll do again…or at least not for a very long time…



d) And then there were beers and dancing…


…with the real troopers who were still left.

e) And closing out the night by scarfing red velvet cupcakes (thank you Samia!!)


The perfect 3 am snack – red velvet (cup)cakes

Sun 10/27 – 7 mi through Central Park 🙂

This morning Team CEMS drug their asses out of bed and climbed into our team uniform for a run around Central Park.


(Part of) Team CEMS!!

It was fantastic 🙂 It was calm and cool out and I had the best running company ever. 🙂 Of course it wasn’t the long run that I was supposed to do, and I might pay dearly for this in 3 weeks, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

After the run it was off to brunch at Friedman’s. The wait was a bit long (>30 min for 5 hungary people) but the food and coffee were perfect. I had the Southern Breakfast which was…


…two eggs , housemade biscuit, cheddar grits and fried green tomatoes.

Full disclosure is that my food was actually just ok. After sampling everyone elses’ food though, I feel qualified to testify that overall, the food was fantastic. Per usual, there will be a review…someday…

Total mileage =  25 mi

Not what I needed for the last high mileage week. But,  you know what? I also needed a sweet 30th birthday party (yes people, this was a need, not a want) and even I know that at some point we have to make choices. I know/think/hope/know that I made the right choice on this one 🙂 (Ask me about this on the afternoon of Nov 17th…on second though, maybe not…)

Threads – tanks and tees, running skirts or capris for the chilly mornings, + compression for the long runs and Mizunos (Wave Creation 11s and Wave Elixer 6s)


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Boo to overtraining!

I’ve had very different experiences during the teen weeks of my 4 marathon trainings seasons thus far…

#1. All sorts of system failures occurred long before this. By week 9 or 10 I was falling apart and firmly believe that I wouldn’t have made it to race day without my god-send chiropractor Dr. Jenny.

#2. Much better. I still had issues (Don’t I always?!?! Yes.)  but with one training season under my belt and regular maintainance from the wonderful Dr. Jenny before big problems began, I progressed through the higher mileage much more comfortably/successfully.

#3.  High mileage weeks? Long runs +16 miles? What are those? Are we speaking the same language? I felt great throughout my training! (And then like I’d been run down by an African chicken bus for weeks after the marathon…oops…)

#4. The best yet! I’m (unfortunately) thousands of miles from Dr. Jenny The Great and haven’t found another chiropractor since moving to NJ. I was really worried about this (and still am a bit) based on how horribly I felt during my first training season, but so far I’m doing ok. I can tell that a number of things are just a bit off…a tight muscle here or there, a sore ankle, a tight , a stiff neck, a stab in the shin…but over all I’m very pleased. Knock on wood, but there hasn’t been anything more than a few acute issues. My runs are feeling good. I can make it through the long ones with just a tiny bit a bunch of therapeutic complaining and I feel like I have good speed and strength throughout the short intense mid-week runs and on hills and all of that good stuff… That being said, I can’t afford to slack on the maintainance and have to put the effort in and find someone good to start seeing on a regular basis again. That being said, does  anyone have Princeton area chiropractor suggestions ?!?!

Anyway… the point of this post (only 6 paragraphs in, eh?) is to share a Runner’s World article jumped out of the computer at me as I was trying to work hard this evening…

Am I Overtraining for My Marathon

By Coach Jenny Hadfield (not to be confused with the one-and-only Dr. Jenny…)

August 22, 2013

Having trouble completing your workouts? Here’s how to train smarter to avoid fatigue.


The part of the article that I really like is the 4 day / week running + cross training schedule that Coach Jenny outlines for making sure you aren’t overdoing it during these later teen weeks of training…

Not being able to finish workouts due to fatigue is a classic sign of overtraining. I’m an advocate for cross-training, especially for runners over forty, as it takes longer to recover from harder workouts. Of course it also depends on the efficiency of the runner and many other variables like sleep, nutrition, stress, body alignment, and balance.

I’d follow your instincts and train four days per week.
1. A long run (make it at a conversational effort, please).
2. A hard speed workout with the group.
3. Two easy-effort runs.

If you’re unable to make it through the week of workouts, your body isn’t recovering efficiently. By scaling back the number of runs to four per week—and including two hard runs (long and speed)—you’ll allow your body time to recover, so you’ll be able to complete the workouts, adapt, and improve this season.

Weave in cross-training activity that focuses on body strength, balance, and flexibility (Pilates, yoga, or a general strength/flexibility workout). Your body needs to balance the high-intensity workouts with more calming activities that balance, lengthen, and strengthen the body. That way you flow from hard to easy and recover more efficiently. Your schedule could look something like this:
Monday: Easy Run
Tuesday: Cross-Train
Wednesday: Speed
Thursday: Cross-Train
Friday: Easy Run
Saturday: Long Run
Sunday: Rest (or light restorative flexibility exercises)

I’ve actually adopted a 4 day/week training schedule for the entirety of my preparation due to the logistical constraints of the rest of my generally out-of-control life. This has served me well.

I have two weekday runs and then Saturday and Sunday of course. I try to put my weekday runs on Tuesday and Thursday to space things out – with Tuesday being shorter (4-7 mi) and “faster”/tempo, and Thursday being a bit longer (6-12 mi) and at a comfortable pace. I like to get the long run out-of-the-way on Saturday morning (as Friday night activities allow) topping out at 22 miles and with 3 +20 milers (alternating with 12 mile long run weeks). Sunday then is a good (as Saturday night activities allow) recovery run of 6-10 miles.

As for the “cross-train” part, this ranges from 18 hr days in the lab to hiking and flag-football. Oddly enough, I do think I’ve built considerable mental muscle from the frequent unreasonable-work-day + training-run schedule. Now I was starting to feel like I may actually be losing it with this theory. I mean how does this make any sense at all? I’m exhausted from work when I start my run, just to go back to work when I’m finished!! So, you can imagine my delight when I came across the How To Build Mental Muscle article that totally backed up this crack-pot idea of mine! Fantastic! 🙂 Also oddly enough, football has helped me realize that post-November 17th I need to rework my maintainance training schedule to include some speed, hills and core work. It will be nice to switch things up a bit for the next few months. Wait! What? I’m looking forward to speed and core work?! I guess I have lost it after all!

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Week 14

Mon 10/14 – rest

Tues 10/15 – 6ish mi / fast enough

I was really excited to get out the door today. My muscles were antsy and the fall weather was beautiful. I did the customary work 6 miler and could have just kept going (why doesn’t this happen on the days I get so freaking lost?!?!).

Wed 10/16 – cross: flag football

So my group mates’ coed flag football team is in the playoffs and were a girl short of having a full team today. Being the competitive flag footballer that I am, I couldn’t stand the thought of them having to forfeit for being a man…er…woman…whatever…down, so off to flag football I went. (Either that, or Steph is a good guilt tripper…or maybe a little of both…)

We played zone defense this time instead of man, which I am still thanking god for. Considering the aftermath of the last game when we did play man, my legs were none too thrilled about a repeat offense. With two nice catches and too many tackles for my little mushy brain to count I managed to do something that resembled contributing to the team’s win and advancement into the Princeton Coed Flag Football Championship game. Great! Right? Also, rumor has it that we will not be playing the team that showed up wearing war paint during the regular season. This is comforting.

Thurs 10/17 – 8ish mi / fast enough

Yet another day of experiments that make no sense. Who the hell doesn’t want to do academic research? It was really nice to just zone out for 8 miles with Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

It was not nice to feel the consequences of last night’s football game again. It’s crazy how 2×40 min of coed flag football can tear up the leg muscles! “Oh I run marathons…I ran 30 miles last weekend…I put down 45 miles last week…how hard can it be?”  Idiot.

The legs felt super tight and heavy and fatigued. It’s a very strange tightness and fatigue because it isn’t in the running muscles. Rather, it’s buried deep in some pesky neglected muscle fibers that I apparently have for sprinting — for short bursts of speed, starting and stopping. Yet, ask the running muscles to do their thing for 8ish miles and these other fibrous friends now have to chime in with their 2 cents. Maybe this means I should incorporate some speed work into my workouts after Nov 17th comes and goes. Maybe.

Bitching aside, 65 F and calm made for a great run. Nothing hurt in a worrisome way, my purple and bright orange outfit was cute and and super comfy…


and I was able to just chill with my two besties ( see paragraph 1) and run hard til the end. Good. And then back to work for more beloved head:wall interactions…

Fri 10/18 – rest

and … Happy Birthday to me!!


I’m not quite sure why Dr. Trot’s birthday rule had to be put implemented the week before Dr. Trot turned the big 3-0. Regardless, here you go…

Dr. M and Dr. T are on a boat!

Dr. M and Dr. T are on a boat!


a 28 yr old Dr. Trot (in her beloved birthday hat before it tragically went missing 😦


Dr. Trot behaving as strangely as the Greeks on Greek Easter


Dr. JBdP, Dr. MLP & Dr. T at their best

2011-09-09 20.05.40

hair feathered Dr. Trot

= round table + public transportation

round table + public transportation = maturity

3 hr graduations are fun with Dr. T

3 hr graduations are fun with Dr. T


beautiful Dr. Trot


an oversaturated and slightly strung out Dr. Trot


Dr. Tort mourning a tragic RF loss

2013-05-16 14.23.19

too cool for school Dr. Trot


Dr. Trot can fly!

Sat 10/19 – 6 mi + 1 hr hiking

It was a beautiful day to be outside, ~65 F and partly cloudy and calm. The run went well, legs and lungs and shins and knees etc… cooperated. When you’re 30 it only takes 3 whole days to recover from a little game of flag football. Super cool. 

The hiking trip was inspired by a random wild hair up my ass and so after work I set off for the Sourland Mountain Preserve, about 10 miles from town. (Please don’t judge the park by its website making abilities.) I didn’t want to be out for super long (or get my dumb ass lost) so I just took one long trail up the mountain from the parking lot. It was cleared enough to be convenient to hike up but wild enough to feel like I was on a little adventure.


And the view from the top was fantastic (but not really done justice by this picture…)



Sun 10/20 – 12 mi

I split this run up into two parts to accommodate my time points at work. All went well, the weather is still cool and the body cooperated. I was a little concerned that the 12 was going to start feeling long towards the end, but it really flew by. I didn’t bring any water or snacks with me, but I did hydrate well before hand and then refueled (wisely) during my quick stop back at work. Yeah for actually not screwing that up for once!

I can’t believe that next week is my last real long run before the marathon! This thing is coming up fast now! 🙂

Total mileage =  32ish mi

I hit my cutback week miles (which, funny enough, is the same number as my last high mileage week! oops! :-o) and things felt good. I had speed and power on the short runs and up the hills and at the end of each run. I also didn’t poop out after 10/12 miles or want to just pack up and go home. This is nice 🙂

One more high mileage week to survive without doing something idiotic and then the taper 🙂

Threads – tanks and tees, running skirts or capris for the chilly mornings, + compression for the long runs and Mizunos (Wave Creation 11s and Wave Elixer 6s)

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Week 13

Mon 10/7 – rest

Thank you.

Tues 10/8 – 6ish mi / fast enough

As usual, I had to force my run in between time points and I clearly didn’t quite know where I was going. 4.5 months later and this is still going on. Grand. To be fair, I was very thankful for this dysfunctional 6 mile break from the grind of the rest of the day. The cool weather is making the runs so enjoyable – it’s almost like I’m back in Minneapolis…and then I try to make a left turn or pump my own gas and the illusion is ruined…

Wed 10/9 – rest

Thurs 10/10- 6ish mi / fast enough

Today was supposed to be 12 miles, but I have an irritating and unpredictable work schedule (please see Tuesday’s post) and I live in the state that is apparently hell bent on winning an award for having the most unpredictable torrential  rain storms, sooooooooo 12 mi quickly became whatever I could get in. The 6 and change that I ran felt good so I guess I should stop complaining.


Happy Birthday Dr. Maroof!!

It’s my favorite partner in crime’s birthday today! Hopefully just the right amount of bad decisions will be made on the other side of the country tonight!

Speaking of bad decisions, there is a new rule that birthday wishes on the blog must entail a search of Dr. Trot’s phone’s photo gallery for the top entertaining images of said birthday boy/girl. Contrary to popular belief, Dr. Trot tries to follow the rules. Soooooooo…in no particular order, here you go…


Stylish Dr. Maroof
Scarf credit: Rachael May


“What in the hell are we eating?” Dr. Maroof


Jersey poolside Dr. Maroof


Perfect timing while celebrating a freshly defended Dr. Maroof


Peep-hole + hung over (see above photo) of a brand new Dr. Maroof


A bucket of KFC (that couldn’t wait until we got home) to celebrate a half marathon PR Dr. Maroof


Happy Birthday Dr. Maroof!

Fri 10/11 – rest

Sat 10/12 – 21ish mi / too long

Today’s run had to get done early before my buddies Dr. Allison and Sir. Jack came to visit for the weekend. Early morning weekend runs are really the greatest…until they turn into the worst. :-/

It was cool (~60 F), sunny and calm and I went out feeling great. The first 6 miles were perfect, the next 9 became a bit of a pain in the ass (and everywhere else for that matter) and the last 6 were the worst. A big part of the problem was – per usual – hydration. My pea-brain needs to stopping assuming that cool weather = I don’t have to worry about hydrating, because YES. I. DO. x-(

I didn’t drink enough water the night before, I didn’t drink enough water in the morning, and I quite obviously didn’t drink enough during the first 15 miles of the run. Consequently, during the pit stop at mile 15 I guzzled way too much and ended up with stomach cramps and digestion problems all the way home. Joy. My 4 oz water belt bottles are enough when I’m not too damn brain dead to prepare properly. I think a larger bottle may be a necessary investment at this point, genious. While I don’t like carrying things while I run…aside from my music, my snacks, my lip gloss, my mascara and a pack of smokes…but never mind, I hate the water belt, and this sort of end to the week’s long run is not acceptable. Boooo.

There were a few positive points to highlight though (even I can’t complain all the time…although we all know I’ll try… 😉 –

1. It was the debut run for my Philly Marathon Team CEMS outfit (minus the arm warmers) and it was awesome (obviously 😉 –



2. Aside from being dehydrated and upset-stomached (yeah, that’s a word) and slow and grouchy at the end, that was really the worst of it. The lungs, legs, knees, shins, ankles, feet, etc… were all doing ok. YEAH! 🙂

3. After dragging myself back home and recovering like a boss, I got to spend the rest of the day with the very best company, Dr. A and Sir Jack –


Sir Jack.
(Dr. A: not pictured.)

Unfortunately Sir Jack hurt his paw getting out of the car (things like that are difficult when you’re a foot tall and somewhere between 63 and 91 yrs old) and wasn’t able to strut around Princeton the way all had hoped. But, he was back in top form by the end of the weekend so we’ll just have to plan on strutting it out next time. On the other hand, Dr. A’s and my paws were all just fine, so we spent the day walking and eating our way through Princeton. The Bent Spoon and Tortugas were the two highlights of the day. A full review for TBS is on its way and too many words and not enough pictures reviewing Tortugas can be found here .

P.S. Allison, why have I no pictures of you/us?

Sun 10/13 – rest (i.e. important company in town)

And by “rest” I mean that Dr. A and I hauled off to NYC on the 8:30 train for a day at the Natural History Museum with future Drs. DJ, Jamie and Eric and then to Peace Food for the best lunch of the weekend (and perhaps month). Peace Food has composed and posted a full review for itself here. In stark contrast to Peace Food, we had a most disappointing dinner at La Mezzaluna. There will also be a review for this unfortunate little establishment coming soon, written by moi.

Total mileage =  32ish mi

The week’s running felt good (aside from the last part of the long run) and the Philly Marathon Team CEMS  outfit’s debut was a success! Now this was the first week in ~2 months that the milage ended up being quite a bit lower than what the training schedule called for so I’m not too worried about it. I got the all-important long run done and overall I feel like I’m where I should be (plus, I had a damn good reason for the -10 miles on Sunday 🙂 There are no big scary achs and pains and while the long run ended up being a whiny little bitch, why should I really be expecting anything else?

Threads – tanks or tees (+/- arm warmers), running skirts or capris for the chilly mornings, + compression for the long runs and Mizunos (Wave Creation 11s and Wave Elixer 6s)

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Week 12

Mon 9/30 – rest

Thank you.

Tues 10/1 – 6.6ish mi 

I swear to god, I will have to live in this unnecessarily confusing town for years before I can get through an entire week of workouts without getting lost! x-( One false move and a simple route (composed entirely of segments that I’ve run before, just not quite this way or all at the same time) turned into quite the adventure/race back to lab. That’s exactly what I needed. **eye roll**

Why does this happen, you’re asking? I’m so glad you asked! Thank you! So, it turns out that when you have >3 names for a single road and selectively include only one of said names on your map (based sole on the momentary personal inclination of your mapmaker) and do the same for very cleverly located street signs (if present), following an intended route becomes a logistical nightmare for poor runners that haven’t spent their entire lives in this flakey community.

That being said, I found some fun new routes. (Not that I’ll ever be able to find them again or anything…as when I ask Google maps about the road names I read she doesn’t have a clue.)

Overall it was a good run. Faster than I would have if I wasn’t racing back to an experiment, but it felt good. The legs and the lungs all stepped up to the plate and we made it. The cool weather (~65 F) should get some credit too I suppose.

Wed 10/2 – rest

Thurs 10/3 – 8ish mi 

Thanks to more experiment gymnastics, this workout was broken into 3ish + 5ish mile segments. The final 0.6 miles is a steady 2.8% grade, and let me tell you that when someone trots on past you at the bottom of the hill, putting space between you and him like it’s NBD and then slowly..loses…steam.  Struggling through the last 150m must be particularly tough when you’re passed by the girl in the skirt who’s still got plenty of steam after an 8 mile run. N.B.D. 😀

Thank you uncharacteristically cooperative legs and lungs. 🙂

Fri 10/4 – rest

Sat 10/5 – 12ish mi

Today was hard. I slept in (bad girl), but only until 8. Or so I thought. By 10:30 it was hot, I should have brought water (it was an out and back with water at the turn around…only 6 miles each way…how hard can it be? Does this sound familiar? …I’m an idiot…) I should have brought more fruit snacks. But I didn’t. I struggled though and lived to make you read about it. You’re welcome.

Luckily it’s a cutback week (as usual I needed this…runs have gotten a bit harder) and it was only 12 miles. It’s uncharacteristically hot for October (+80 F) and sunny. (Now don’t misunderstand, I’m not complaining, im just saying, it’s warm.) I think my pace was acceptable enough for a warm and dehydrated 12 miler but I was glad to be done. unfortunately, some shin pain started up around mile 8 and hung out with me to the end. Nothing to be too worried about during these high mileage weeks, but I’d rather not hurt. Genius eh?

At least I looked cute 😉


Sun 10/6 – 6ish

It was humid but  cool and the 6 miles were much less painful than anticipated based on yesterday’s struggle. I wasn’t exactly racing, but also I wasn’t competing for best geriatric runner impersonator either. This is good.

Total mileage =  32.6 mi

This is where I should be in terms of mileage for  a cutback and while I felt like I needed the mileage reduction, I also wasn’t struggling through all of my runs. The shins hurt once in a while, but considering how I felt at this point during the training for my first marathon, and even my second marathon (*note: I didn’t hurt at all at this point before my third marathon because I didn’t train for it!! The village idiot strikes again…) I’m doing pretty damn fantastic. Whether I’ll be singing the same tune during next week’s evaluation is a whole nother story!

Threads – tanks or tees (+/- arm warmers), running skirts or capris for the chilly mornings, + compression for the long runs and Mizunos (Wave Creation 11s and Wave Elixer 6s)

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Tacuba’s taco bar (Branford, CT)

 So I’m majorly in the mood for Mexican food for second dinner tonight. (Un)fortunately, it’s 12:30 in Princeton, NJ thereafter this hr there is no Mexican food to be found for sale anywhere. What I did find though was a partially completed post about a wonderful Mexican joint that I recently got to check out. While I was visiting my best marathon running buddy Dr. Annabelle we also had a most gluttonous fantastic dinner at Tacuba’s taco bar In Branford, CT. This little place is a nondescript hole in the wall with a menu full of wonderful.

The menu

So we went for dinner with big appetites and were welcomed by a beautiful selection of appetizers and entrée options. We totally wanted to try everything!


Between the three of us  (Yes, I can count. Unfortunately the waiter who took the photo of all three of us was dderrrunnnkkeerrr than we were and the result more closely resembled a lesser known work by Degas than a good mediocre picture of us. Thank you Mike for stepping up to the plate and showing him how it’s done.) we ordered a shit load of the menu and there wasn’t so much as one complaint. We decided to start with an appetizer of guacamole and damn. Now the guac was good, damn good, but it also came with fresh, warm, sea salted chips and three different dipping sauces (hot, mild and pineapple). Taken together I couldn’t have asked for more!


the guacamole

Next we shared the lobster arepa. WOW! There were big, tender lumps of lobster in a rich tomato cream sauce topped with avocado , sour cream, oaxaca cheese and served with a fresh grilled sweet corn cake. I have dreams about the lobster arepa. One word of warning is that it is damn rich, but this makes it a great dish for sharing. Three good eaters had a few bites during dinner, were satisfied and brought the rest home to enjoy later.


the lobster arepa

Then, we each ordered a taco platos. I got two vegetarian tacos and one fish taco. Our waitress was seriously talking up the vegetarian taco, how it was the absolute best item on the menu. Now, this isn’t a complaint but of all things that this place serves, the vegetarian taco is nothing to write home about. I don’t know what the hell she had eaten, but it was not the same thing I was served. Like I said, don’t take this the wrong way, it was fine, it was more than fine (especially considering it’s just sheet of smashed corn and binder filled with some veggies) but the fish taco — O.M.G. Now this is something that I will write, call and smoke signal home about. The fish was fantastic, lightly breaded and fried lumps with avocado, lettuce, sour cream and a special sauce. It’s the fish taco that’s the best item on the menu! The taco plates were served with rice and beans that complemented perfectly.


taco platos: ensenadas y vegetarianos con frijoles y arroz

Finally, our arms were twisted into splitting the tres leches cake for dessert. Served with ice cream and banana it was the perfect way to end the meal.


tres leches cake

The staff 

 Aside from our waitress having a difficult time identifying the best item on the menu, the staff was great. Our waitress(es) were excellent. It seemed like more of a casual group effort by the wait-staff than normal and this made it a really nice dining environment.

The ambiance

Walking inside it was like entering a little restaurant somewhere far from Branford, CT. It was dark (in a good way) and quaint and cozy and friendly and chatty and bustling. We sat at a table with chairs on one side and a bench along the wall on the other, right across from the bar and kitchen window. It was fun to be in the middle of the action yet we still had enough space to enjoy good conversation and company. I’d imagine kids would love it…and the wiser generation should pack their strongest cheaters and double-check their batteries (well worth it though ;-).


Pricing was what I expected more or less. Not exactly the dollar menu, but very reasonable for a small business serving niche food in a great environment. Excellent quality and appropriate portions all around. We each spent ~$50 on a dinner that included a butt-load of different fantastic dishes and cocktails.


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Week 11

Mon 9/23 – rest

Tues 9/24 – 5ish mi 

Aside from having some serious indigestion for the first half (overeating on all of the kinds of food you shouldn’t over eat on and then going for a run will apparently do that to you), it was a lovely run through the Wisconsin woods (which are strikingly similar to the NJ woods…but with more bears…). Not much to report other than that one should beware of eating ones weight in baked goods immediately before a run. Who knew?!?!

Wed 9/25 – rest

Thurs 9/26 – 11 mi 

Started cultures early and then went out to get the miles in. It was a beautiful morning and all went surprisingly well.The first half was net-downhill and I was kinda on cruise control. It toughened up for the last ~3 miles which were net-uphill, but with the cooler weather and end in sight pushing through was surprisingly “easy.” 1/2 bag of fruit snacks and 4 oz water (plus pre-run hydration) did the trick, and I never really felt a wall. 🙂

Fri 9/27 – rest

Sat 9/28 – 20 mi

So, it turns out that sleeping in until 9 am is NOT a good decision on long run day even at the end of September in NJ. It was a great day, sunny, calm, mid 70s, but by the end it felt hot! The run was broken up into three segments – 1) 5.5 mi to work, 2) 6 mi around work and 3) 5.5 + 3 mi back home + loop around home. Now, they were all just one right after another, but there were two nice pit stops in there so this might be cheating just a bit. However, given my schedule lately, if I can cheat a little and knockout two birds with one stone, I’m all for it!!

The legs started out feeling pretty well, far better than last week’s long run. Of course things broke down to a certain extent in the later miles, but all things considered I felt well through out. The right lower butt (yes, yes that is the proper medical term… Actually, I’m really not sure what to call the location exactly, its in the lower part of my butt + top/back part of my leg . Does anyone have any ideas?), and the hammies started getting particularly tight by mile 16 or so, but nothing that couldn’t be stretched out and run through – focusing on maintaining good form. Joy joy joy.

 3 x 4 oz water during the run and some serious 2 x pit stop fountain guzzling + 2 bags of fruit snacks. All things considered I felt pretty well hydrated and fueled. While it got hot, I think that was the case regardless of H2O intake, drinking more wouldn’t have done much to alleviate the direct 2 pm sun. 

Sun 9/29 – 10 mi

I was a bit worried that after yesterday this was going to be  a struggle. I was wrong!! 🙂 Overall I felt great – definitely on worn legs and a bit sleepy, but it was a beautiful day and everything worked together nicely. The right side is still tight and requires babying every few miles with a stretch or two, but that’s the worst of it. The cooler temps are awesome according to the lung and muscle department (for both during runs and recoveries)

Total mileage =  46 mi

Sorry, no embarrassing fun pictures this week. It’s been enough just keeping my head above water much less acquiring photographic evidence of this. On the bright side, things are feeling good! I actually feel like I’m able to maintain some sort of speed during my short runs as well as strength through the long runs with a bit of speed at the end. AND the icing on this great big cake is that it’s all happening in the midst of a crazy schedule and without an arsenal of worrisome pains! Yippe!! ( and knock on wood!! 🙂 Maybe there really is something to this theory of their being a benefit to training in both physically and mentally draining conditions. Hopefully it’ll translate in Philly!

Threads – tanks or tees (+/- arm warmers), running skirts or capris for the chilly mornings, + compression for the long runs and Mizunos (Wave Creation 11s and Wave Elixer 6s)


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