Week 12

Mon 9/30 – rest

Thank you.

Tues 10/1 – 6.6ish mi 

I swear to god, I will have to live in this unnecessarily confusing town for years before I can get through an entire week of workouts without getting lost! x-( One false move and a simple route (composed entirely of segments that I’ve run before, just not quite this way or all at the same time) turned into quite the adventure/race back to lab. That’s exactly what I needed. **eye roll**

Why does this happen, you’re asking? I’m so glad you asked! Thank you! So, it turns out that when you have >3 names for a single road and selectively include only one of said names on your map (based sole on the momentary personal inclination of your mapmaker) and do the same for very cleverly located street signs (if present), following an intended route becomes a logistical nightmare for poor runners that haven’t spent their entire lives in this flakey community.

That being said, I found some fun new routes. (Not that I’ll ever be able to find them again or anything…as when I ask Google maps about the road names I read she doesn’t have a clue.)

Overall it was a good run. Faster than I would have if I wasn’t racing back to an experiment, but it felt good. The legs and the lungs all stepped up to the plate and we made it. The cool weather (~65 F) should get some credit too I suppose.

Wed 10/2 – rest

Thurs 10/3 – 8ish mi 

Thanks to more experiment gymnastics, this workout was broken into 3ish + 5ish mile segments. The final 0.6 miles is a steady 2.8% grade, and let me tell you that when someone trots on past you at the bottom of the hill, putting space between you and him like it’s NBD and then slowly..loses…steam.  Struggling through the last 150m must be particularly tough when you’re passed by the girl in the skirt who’s still got plenty of steam after an 8 mile run. N.B.D. 😀

Thank you uncharacteristically cooperative legs and lungs. 🙂

Fri 10/4 – rest

Sat 10/5 – 12ish mi

Today was hard. I slept in (bad girl), but only until 8. Or so I thought. By 10:30 it was hot, I should have brought water (it was an out and back with water at the turn around…only 6 miles each way…how hard can it be? Does this sound familiar? …I’m an idiot…) I should have brought more fruit snacks. But I didn’t. I struggled though and lived to make you read about it. You’re welcome.

Luckily it’s a cutback week (as usual I needed this…runs have gotten a bit harder) and it was only 12 miles. It’s uncharacteristically hot for October (+80 F) and sunny. (Now don’t misunderstand, I’m not complaining, im just saying, it’s warm.) I think my pace was acceptable enough for a warm and dehydrated 12 miler but I was glad to be done. unfortunately, some shin pain started up around mile 8 and hung out with me to the end. Nothing to be too worried about during these high mileage weeks, but I’d rather not hurt. Genius eh?

At least I looked cute 😉


Sun 10/6 – 6ish

It was humid but  cool and the 6 miles were much less painful than anticipated based on yesterday’s struggle. I wasn’t exactly racing, but also I wasn’t competing for best geriatric runner impersonator either. This is good.

Total mileage =  32.6 mi

This is where I should be in terms of mileage for  a cutback and while I felt like I needed the mileage reduction, I also wasn’t struggling through all of my runs. The shins hurt once in a while, but considering how I felt at this point during the training for my first marathon, and even my second marathon (*note: I didn’t hurt at all at this point before my third marathon because I didn’t train for it!! The village idiot strikes again…) I’m doing pretty damn fantastic. Whether I’ll be singing the same tune during next week’s evaluation is a whole nother story!

Threads – tanks or tees (+/- arm warmers), running skirts or capris for the chilly mornings, + compression for the long runs and Mizunos (Wave Creation 11s and Wave Elixer 6s)

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