Happy Birthday Anna and Tess!

It’s my little sister’s 26th birthday today! Welcome to your late 20s Anna!

As you do not read my blog (I know, I don’t understand how one could possibly stand to miss out on this opportunity either…) you do not know of my new birthday protocol…trolling my phone for photos of you on your birthday to post for everyone else’s maximum enjoyment. Lucky for you (unlucky for the rest of is) there are a minimum number of photos of you on my cell. There are a few however, and a few more tangentially related to you. Enjoy!


Our way of showing our love to the newly-weds


Dr. Trot's luxurious accomodations en route to Anna's wedding


Getting approval for the bridal shower supplies


The star studded guest list begins ti take form...


...and bouquets of shitloads of little tiny oragami flowers




Happy Birthday Anna!

My family friend Tess is also also celebrates a New Year’s Eve birthday. Unfortunately I have ZERO photos of Tess on my phone so this year we will have to go with only one visual aid — Tess’s delicious granola that got me through the trip back east…


Rest assured/paranoid that this will be made up for in 2014 however 🙂

Happy Birthday and New Year’s Eve!

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